[SOLVED] Error compressing textures


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I'm currently trying to import a 3DS Max scene into Unigine to see how well it translates. I've exported the scene to FBX and imported it into the engine with no issues. The trouble I'm facing is importing textures to create materials with. On all but 6 of my textures I receive an error saying that Unigine cannot compress them. Can you suggest modifications that need to be made to the files themselves, or my process for importing to get them into the project and easily mapped to my meshes?


Please see the textures attached in a ZIP file.






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Hi Andre,


Editor will determine how to compress texture by it's postfix. For example, if you have diffuse or albedo texture it should be named Texture_alb.jpg and placed into <your_project>/data/textures/uncompressed directory. After that (if texture has correct dimensions - 1024x1024 / 512x512 / 4096x512 / etc...) it will be compressed to runtime-friendly format and packed into DDS container.



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Some of my textures were weird resolutions. I'll resize them to multiples of 512 and test the import process again!


Thanks :)

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