[SOLVED] Cannot run editor or launch any project on 2.2.1 on Linux (2.2.1 Sim src sdk)


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The unigine (2.2.1 linux Sim src) editor and projects always crash on startup. This happens both when launching them from command line and from the SDK Browser, both for existing and newly created empty projects.


I have tested on two different machines with different linux distributions (OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 and CentOS 7), it happens on both. Both of them have working NVidia drivers installed.


The problem also occurs with the Valley Benchmark demo too.


I send attached the console output generated when running from command line, there is not much to work on in there, just a "Received signal SIGSEGV, invalid memory reference" at the end.


(EDIT) Everything works fine in 2.2 in both machines. The issue is only in 2.2.1


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Hi Salvador,


Cound you please rebuild engine with minor modification in source/engine/utils/Thread.cpp:

int Thread::terminate() {
	running = 0;
	waiting = 0;

	// add this line
	if(thread == 0) return 0;

	#ifdef _WIN32
		return TerminateThread(thread,false);
	#elif defined(_LINUX) || defined(_MACOS)
		int ret = (pthread_cancel(thread) == 0);
		return ret;
		return 0;

And add modified engine libraries into your project's bin directory. After that engine should work as expected.


Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Thank you very much! That fixed the problem

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