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Node Gui in Editor causes Performance Profiler Peaks


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Hi there


we observe some strange behavior while working in the editor. From time to time the performance profiler shows a lot of repetitive peaks as long as the node GUI is open. As soon as we close the GUI the peaks disappear until we reopen a GUI.


Please see the attached pictures.


Kind regards,




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Hi Ekaterina


just a remark. I'm observing the spiking now as well without a connection with the node GUI.


Now, I can enable/disable the spiking by toggling some DecalMeshes on and off.


Perhaps this info helps...


Thanks a lot,


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Hi Renato,


Sorry for the late reply. 


I'm afraid we can't reproduce such case of the problem, but we're still investigating the issue. We'll write back in case of any changes.


Thanks for the information!

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