PathRoute point created outside navmesh volume


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Is there any condition under which the points for a 2D PathRoute are generated outside its navigation mesh volume?


Please refer the attached pics. As can be seen, the route is being created below the tree's PathObstacle, rather than around it, making the point not reachable for AI. This is something that I'm observing for the first time. I had an understanding that route points are always generated on the nav mesh's bottom surface level (with added offset). In this case, nav mesh z = -0.5, height = 10, route offset = +0.5 ( making sure the tree's obstacle touches the navmesh bottom correctly.


Any helpful observation is appreciated. Thanks.



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Firstly, did you scale the obstacles? I'm afraid that scaling can add mistakes to the pathfinding.
It would be better to set the size values to the obstacle directly on Nodes -> Obstacle tab.

Also,it would be very helpful if you can send us a minimal test scene with your pathfinding problems.
I'm afraid, it's difficult to give any specific advices without a scene.


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