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[SOLVED] Create/delete projects clarifications


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I'm using Unigine version 2.0-beta2 on Windows and while the new browser is great, I had a couple of issues when creating and deleting projects. 


When you create a new project, if the path contains special characters, you get a "Project path field invalid" error. I think the message could be clearer and display the list of forbidden characters. I did not find it in the documentation either. 


The second issue appeared when I created a new project by mistake in my Documents folder. I tried to delete it by using the "Delete" button in the "Other Actions ..." option of the "Projects" tab. But what I did not expect is that it would delete the whole folder permanently. Once again, I think the warning could be clearer. Instead of "Are your sure that you want to delete the project?", it could be "Are you sure that you want to permanently delete the project folder and all its contents?". Or maybe "Delete" should just move the contents to the recycle bin. 


Thanks !


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