[SOLVED] Pathing Issues with Editor vs. Project


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I've created a fully working UnigineScript plugin for Unigine and when I built it, I tested it against what I call the 'Editor SDK' which was through the Browser > Tools > Editor. Everything works in that particular binary.


I've since given the plugin to another member of the team and when he runs it through his local project it crashes Unigine. I'm sure it has something to do with paths, but I don't understand the difference between how the file path works in the launchable editor vs. when you build a project. Furthermore, why are these treated differently?

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Any chance to take a look at the editor plugin itself? What do you mean by build?


There also are some differences between Unigine 1.0 and Unigine 2.0 plugins, so make sure that engine versions are the same on both machines.

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