[SOLVED] Extending the Editor Panel


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The plugin sample explains pretty clearly how to add new UIs via the plugin tab in the Tools menu, but is there a way I can launch my plugin from the editor toolbar panel without modifying the source code?

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Hey, Philip!


You can have a look at <sdkroot>/data/core/editor/editor_panel.h file, it contains all panel UI. Basically, what you need to do is call panel_gb.addChild and pass your custom widgets from the plugin.


Don't forget to remove your widgets once the plugin is unloaded!

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Very cool, got it to work, although can I append my WidgetIcon object to a particular index within the toolbar?

Say for example I want to explicitly append past the Quit icon. It appears to always be placing it below the main toolbar, even if I specify GUI_ALIGN_RIGHT | GUI_ALIGN_EXPAND.



//Get the editor toolbar
Gui gui = engine.getGui();
panel_gb = Panel::panel_gb;

//Create a VBox separator to put our icon within
my_vb = new WidgetVBox(gui,1,1);

//Create the icon and add it to the toolbar
my_i = new WidgetIcon(gui, "editor_my_icon.png");
my_i.setCallback(GUI_RELEASED, "MYEditor::my_pressed");

//Now add the group to the toolbar

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I guess I know the reason.


That's because panel_gb has WidgetHBox as its first and only one child, so you need to get that hbox and add your stuff to it.

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