[SOLVED] Skybox DDS cubemap orientation


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I am experimenting with using a cubemap as a sky environment but I am having difficulties. The tools I use export the cubemap in a certain orientation which appears to be different to how Unigine expects the cubemap. I have attached an image showing where the horizonal cross elements of the cubemap go in the DDS file. However Unigine does not appear to conform to this, from what I can see. I think that the "+Y" (top side of cube) in Unigine is read from the "+Z" centre slot. 


Is this a bug in Unigine or in my tools? And is there a tool that writes DDS cubemaps in the format that Unigine expects them in?





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Hi Angus,


For cubemap generation you can use ImageDDS tool.


You also can try to use -r 1 option to rotate your image clockwise.


Correct texture example you can find here: <SDK>/data/samples/objects/textures/sky_01.dds (used in world samples/objects/sky_02).



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