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[SOLVED] Reflection maps


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Hi everyone, 

I have been looking to optimize my water reflections, I have seen this thread and done the suggested steps.



I now want to add another LOD to my trees which is VERY low poly and only visible in the water's reflection, Not the viewport, to stop using high poly trees in reflections at all. I know I will need to use the reflection mapping to do this but I'm having problems. I can get it to not reflect, but I cannot get it to only reflect. When I set the parameters to not see the object in the viewport and still see the reflections I get nothing in the water, nothing reflects. As soon as I set the reflection map different to the viewport map in the camera tools, I lose all of them. Then in continuing to follow the guidelines, never get them back.


I have been following these guidelines:



Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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