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Hello all.


We are currently in the process of creating an exterior scene which is gradually reaching its performance limit. I was wondering, rather than using real-time shadows, would it be possible to bake all of the shadows onto the terrain? 





EDIT: I've just realised that this has been posted in the 'Programming' section. Could you please move it to 'Content Creation'

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Try this thread for some ideas on increasing large world performance. In theory the terrain graber tool might be usable - maybe with some own modifications - for baking tree shadows to the terrain diffuse color map, but most probably the resolution of the terrain diffuse map is too low for convincing results.


Another idea might be to bake a single (multiple) projected tree shadow to texture (atlas) and than use terrain decal instances positioned in accordance with tree positions around the viewer position to imitate the ground shadowing. If this really provides a performance improvement has of course to be tested.       

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Just read in terrain grabber tool description that it can indeed grab a light map. Achievable resolution though still might be problematic.


Grab LightMap


Create a light map with objects. A light map can be set as terrain diffuse texture, while the WorldLight rendering pass is disabled for the terrain.

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