[SOLVED] Network Server’s Update When Mouse Out of Focus


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Hi , 


Thank you for reading. Our team is developing a multiplayer combat game using Unigine, it would be seem like the WarGame. We choose the Raknet plugin surpportted by Unigine to realize the network functions.post-1403-0-46274700-1412496109_thumb.jpg


My first question is : How to realize the server to keep updating while the mouse out of focus?


Description:When I used the Unigine Sim version 2014-06-04, the server can still update when the mouse out of focus in demos of Raknet Synchronization. It means a lot to our game developing. In this way, if you once start the server, nothing would impact on updates of network. So,anyting else you do on the server, couldn't disturb clients. But, we couldn't find useful things in demos' codes to help us to realize this function in our own game. And after I setup the  Unigine Sim version 2014-07-07, I rerun the demos of Raknet in version 2014-06-04 and the function disappears.


My second question is : Can Syncker realize the same result in demos of Raknet's Synchronization?


Description:Now our server only used to build a network environment waiting for the heterogeneous system in future. Players and AI on clients communicate through the sharing of the SharedStates. We need to present the same world in different viewpoints in different Clients. And every viewpoints is variable on its own PC. At first, we considered to use Syncker. But we thought that syncker can only represent the same world from the server on any clients. And it still troubles us, that if Syncker can realize the same consequent in demos of Raknet's Synchronization?


Really look forward to your reply. 


Wish the best!



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My first question is : How to realize the server to keep updating while the mouse out of focus?


You can add engine.app.setUpdate(1) directly into the script to enable engine background updating. 


If you are using Editor, please, check the Tools -> Common -> Always update option. Editor overwrites the engine.app.setUpdate(1), so you need to enable this option to get correct results in Editor.


My second question is : Can Syncker realize the same result in demos of Raknet's Synchronization?


Syncker is designed for work only on dedicated gigabit LAN segments. If you can provide stable connection between your clients it should work.



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