[SOLVED] PlayerPersecutor rotation


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I have a third-person character made by PlayerPersecutor. When target node moves in world my camera turns for it and changes distance.

setFixed function freezes angle in parent coordinate system.

How do i can freeze Phi angle of Player in world coordinates?

Thank you.

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Hello Igor,


Sorry for late reply, our bears need some care too. ;)


So the basic idea is to write simple orbit camera logic in UnigineScript instead of using fixed PlayerPersecutor, just a few sin/cos operations and you can control it as you want. Another idea is to add NodeDummy to your world and attach PlayerPersecutor to that dummy node. Then you just need to place dummy node to your target's position.

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Boa tarde pessoal,
sou novo neste programa e já o usei para fazer design de interiores, e gostaria de criar uma animação com essa câmera de busca, se alguém puder me ajudar, serei grato.

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