[WONTFIX] Strange reflection in object water mesh


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  • Latest SDK
  • Direct3D11 renderer
  • Execute BodyWater demo 
  • Rotate de camera

Looks like there is an strange reflection as the attached image shows.



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Hi Ivan,

I'm afraid this issue won't be fixed.
Reflection is calculated by flatness.

As a workaround you can change Z-axis for water relative to reflected objects or just bake reflections in cubemap.

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 just bake reflections in cubemap.


How? I know I can grab cubemap for whole evironment, but how to grab cubemap exactly for given water mesh to bake reflections of surroundings?

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Sorry if I confused you.
I told about workaround only, when you don't need exact reflections or can avoid its necessity. For example, if you have an open sky above or sometimes a dense forest.

Baking process itself is standard:

  1. Open Tools -> Grabber tab and choose Cube option.
  2. Save cubemap in the dds format.
  3. Go to Materials settings -> States tab and uncheck Dynamical reflections.
  4. Go to textures tab and Set Reflection -> Static texture.
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