[SOLVED] Maya & Max 2014 Normal Map Issues


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Hey everyone,


I'm hoping you can help me. I'm a user of Maya and Max 2014 and I'm having issues with exporting a model plane correctly. I've attached images to help explain my issue.


The plane looks correct in the editor when the diffuse and spec maps are applied (Capture5.png), but when I apply the normal map, lots of lighting issues seem to pop up on the model (Capture4.png).


In UV channel 1, there are overlapping UVs and some inverted UVs, but I'm doing this to save texture space. Am I right in thinking that as long as the UVs are not overlapping or inverted in channel 2, this should be OK?


Also, as a Maya user, I noticed that I'm unable to specify UV channel 1 or 2 when exporting using the Maya plug in. Is this intended, or will there be future updates to resolve this?


Thanks a lot for your help!





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You can try to check Invert Y channel parameter (Materials -> Textures -> Normal -> Edit -> Invert Y channel). It can be applied for uncompressed textures only.

If it won't solve the problem, test scene would be very helpful.



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Make sure, that your geometry (normals and smoothings, weldings of vertices etc.) is correct.


Most of the time it is a basic issue in the geometry.

One 'feature' of the newer versions of the Modellers is, that the viewports do show everything correct even if it isnt.  :unsure:




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