[SOLVED] Mesh Export Normal BUG?


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Hi! Unigine!!


I found bug. See Attach File.


I Export Mesh.


First Local Position 0, 0, 0.


Second Local Postion more than 10000 Value...


Result is Picture...


Max Export is Same Result...


If Local Position 0,0,0, then output is good!!!


But Local Position Over Than 10000, then output is bad...


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Hi, Junghyun!


Welcome to real world! It's not a bug, it's float precision. We're using floats for vertex coordinates so you've correcly noticed that on high values problems with float precision appeared. So just move your model pivot closer to zero and everything will be cool or just set export alignment options to 'pivot' or 'center'.


By the way, don't worry about _world position precision_ in our engine, it can handle that.

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Hi Unigine!!!


Thanks for your comment!!


Have a Nice Day!!^^

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