[SOLVED] update app via Internet


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I am looking for able to update my application (client side) via the Internet.

e.g. for DLC, news, adv etc.

Tell me where to look.

Thank you.

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most of this are based on http request. so depends on your platform, you can use various sdk to perform http operations.


and to the http response, you can use xml or json to return the query results, then depend on the results to perform some operations.


it's easy to create this kind of function, but you might need to write some http functions plugin for unigine, because unigine don't have any http functions.


if you want to use unigine's network plugin to do that, then you might need to write a raknet server program, that will be harder because raknet are mainly targeting udp networking.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi Anton,


I guess unigine's network plugin is more suitable for games and fast player communication, not for updates/dlcs/etc.


Steve's right, it'll be better to use http protocol for that. There is no builtin http request or http response functionality, however, there are no problems to write a plugin which will allow you do such things

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Thanks Andry. Already looking into some parsers.

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