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How do I register my interest in getting a sample of this demo? I understand its rather large in size so do special arrangements have to be made?

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Work in progress, preview of rescue helicopter demo:     Features: * Open space area (262x262 km) * Real geospatial data * Double precision of coordinates  * Large visibility distance (40 k

The demo was running on a single NVIDIA TITAN card handling 3 independent Full-HD outputs (with AppSurround engine plugin).

Richard, GREAT to see your interest in UNIGINE engine ! Followed your blog on combat-helo for some years: treamendous work !!!   Also perfect moment in time if you are looking for really large world

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Work-in-progress screenshot next to the airfield.


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How do I register my interest in getting a sample of this demo? I understand its rather large in size so do special arrangements have to be made?


The demo will be available for customers with full licenses after I/ITSEC '13 (ETA: December, 15-20).

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Oh, by full license do you mean source license only?

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Oh, by full license do you mean source license only?


Both binary and source licensees.

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6-channel rescue helicopter simulator powered by UNIGINE:


CIGI host and the Bell 206 cockpit are provided by CogSim Technologies: http://www.cogsimtech.com/


This simulator will be installed in the UNIGINE booth #307 at I/ITSEC conference next week (Orlando, December 2-5).

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The simulator working at I/ITSEC 2013:



I would like to thank the contributors:

  • UNIGINE team for making this happen, especially Alexander Zapryagaev (CTO) and Andrey Kushner (Expert 3D artist)
  • CogSim Technologies guys - for provided hardware (cockpit, the rack) and all the help with integration
  • Ulf Schröter - for all the guidance in improving the engine for simulation industry over years
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Awesome downloading now.


What is the best way of getting real world mechanics and dynamics into Unigine, so that your simulation mimics real world behaviors?  Are there any 3rd party plugins or SDKs the already have flight dynamics of different flying craft preloaded?

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We're looking at porting HTR which is perhaps the finest helicopter flight plugin around although it's not opensource. It's proved to be a predictive flight model, pilots have found behaviors in the flight model which have later been replicated in the real aircraft. You can try it for free using Microsoft Flight Simulator (it replaces the poor FSX flight model and can be downloaded from HoverControl, over 100k downloads to date). Fred will be adapting HTR to allow for more aircraft configurations. It's about as accurate as the dataset you supply for the aircraft. Recently it was converted as a 3rd party library to improve the flight dynamics in Bohemia Interactive's Take-on-Helicopters and we have embedded a custom version of HTR in the first release of our Combat-Helo Apache simulator. Fred's a cool guy and keen to help.


There's also JSBSim which was integrated into Outterra. This being open-source might be better. I'm sure there are other solutions around.

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Download speed can be low, sorry - this server has only 100 Mbit/s connection, while the project is rather big.

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Late to this party, but a thousand thanks team unigine! 


Cheers for the tips above Richard.


and pats on back to Ulf for the years of being able to articulate and communicate insightful suggestions (keep em coming).


The CogSim Technologies hardware and integration look great.


...though does anyone have a jetpack and a HD rift!? :blink: 

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Does the decompression works for everyone?

For me the decompression crashed at 6.3 GB. (data/washington/landscape/01_03/terrain/0ax0d.dds corrupted )

may it be my Archive failed?

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I re-download the zip! it works very well. Congratulations! Impressive! (in spite of some lags) ;)

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Very cool.

I like all the features mentioned here but love the 262x262km world possibility.

This would be an appropriate size for a survival game, wouldnt it?




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Simple howto:


Washington by default configured to work in a separate local subnet ( Master PC should have IP address. Also, firewall should be disabled or configured not to block ports: 8080, 8001, 8000, 8090.

Simple instruction how to launch master and slaves:


  • Start washington/cigi/track_N/PacketSniffer.exe (for example, on master PC with IP);
  • Start washington/washington_cigi_master.bat on the same PC;
  • Start washigton/washington_cigi_slave.bat on other computers.

PacketSniffer only play recorded CIGI sentences (emulating real CIGI host work).


When you get running master and slaves you can configure viewports via console coomands (no engine restart required):

  • channel_name <name>, where <name> is one of the following viewport config:
  • landscape_left
  • landscape_center
  • landscape_right
  • portrait_left
  • portrait_center
  • portrait_right

In addition to that commands you can control various rendering settings (time of day, shadows, density of clouds and forests) with simple web-dasboard, avilable on master ( by default).


If  you have different network configuration, you will need to modify:

  • washington/cigi/track_N/config.dat (change send_to_name ip to broadcast address of your network);
  • console variable cigi_send_host to match the IP of PC with running PacketSniffer.exe;
  • console variable cigi_sync_host to match the your network broadcast address;
  • server_host to match master's IP address (only on master). Required to launch simple web-dasboard on master.

Please, take note that after changing any console variable you will need to restart engine or perform world_reload command.

How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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We are updating the demo now.

It will be available in the Downloads in July.

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Expected date? We're chomping at the bit here... Any help at getting a peak, something I can show my people here would help. Love the videos BTW, probably the finest sample I have seen.


Thanks much,



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Hi Ramey,


We are planning to upload this demo in 2-3 weeks. Sorry for the delay.


UPD #1 (04.08.2014)

Helicopter demo (Washigton demo) will be released later in September. California demo can be downloaded instead: https://developer.unigine.com/file-server/resource/151 (Windows, 2.9 GB).


We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused.

How to submit a good bug report
FTP server for test scenes and user uploads:

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Чо убрали ссылку то? Мне очень надо именно летательные примеры

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Чо убрали ссылку то? Мне очень надо именно летательные примеры

Добрый день, Михаил,


California демо-проект был сделан еще на первой версии Unigine. Текущая же версия Unigine 2.3.1.

Миграцию проекта не производили, и проект в данный момент не доступен для скачивания.


В качестве примера летательного аппарата, обратите внимание на проект Port Angeles, который имеется в составе SDK.

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How did you achieve the Rotor Whirlwind effect over the water? What combination of particle emitters and water mesh bodies did you use?

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