[SOLVED] Mesh Creation from a plugin


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I have C++ code which is dynamically creating meshes with 1000s of vertices.  I have created a plugin which will output these meshes to the engine.  I would like to be able to render these without creating ObjectMeshs and adding each vertex individually.  Is this possible?

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The following methods will be available for the ObjectMeshDynamic:


virtual void addVertexArray(const Vertex *vertex,int num_vertex) const = 0;
virtual void setVertexArray(const Vertex *vertex,int num_vertex) const = 0;
virtual void addIndicesArray(const unsigned short *indices,int num_indices) const = 0;
virtual void setIndicesArray(const unsigned short *indices,int num_indices) const = 0;

You can create an ObjectMeshDynamic on C++ API side.


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I am using the source code from source\samples\Api\Objects to create a very simple plugin as a test.  I assume that is what you mean about the creation of an ObjectMeshDynamic on the C++ API side.


I cannot find any documentation or definition of the methods you describe above.  You say these will be available, are they going into a future update?

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