[SOLVED] Run a batch file


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Is there any way to run a .bat file using unigine script? I have an OpenGl simulator and now want to start that using unigine button.


Also how to check the status of cmd(written in .bat) i.e whether it is executed or not.


Thanks in advance.

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which system script function need to be called.


I checked the document but didnt get any function or way to call windows command using world script or system script.


some more pointers please.

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Now I want to run more than one command, but as I run the 1st one the unigine holds the resource and my 2nd command dosent execute.


Also if I try to use "start" command its not behaving as expected.(i.e its not opening a new window)

system("start cmd /K \"cd /d c:/somefolder\"");
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