[SOLVED] how to export user-defined data to UnigineScript?


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Hi all,


In a C++ Plugin I generate a map or vector with different sizes. I want to export these variable to UnigineScript

for later use in world Script, So how to export such user-defined data variables to UnigineScript?


for example: I have the following data in a C++ plugin:


typedef struct mydata {

string name;

int x;

int y;

int z;

}mydata ;


mydata data1[1024];


std::vector<mydata> data2;


std::map<std::string, mydata> data3;


how can i export data1, data2, data3 to UnigineScript and access them from world Script?


Thank you!

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Thanks you steve3d , The Variable class have only the inbuilt type constructor such as int float vec3 and so on

How to use Variable to export my own datatype mydata data1[1024], for example?

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And another question, How to export Class with private constructor, for example, some class use singleton mode:


class singleton



static singleton* getInstance();







how to export such class to Unigine Script?


Thanks for help.

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Another question : How to export abstract base class ? (could be useful in some cases)

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You can declare Unigine::ExternClassConstructor template as a friend class.

class MyClass {
	template <class> friend class Unigine::ExternClassConstructor_0;
	MyClass() { Log::error("MyClass::MyClass(): called\n"); }


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Another question : How to export abstract base class ? (could be useful in some cases)

Check this sample: source/samples/Api/Inheritance from SDK.

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Looks like it was a mistake in my code as it perfectly works now ;)


Sorry for silly question !

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Hi manguste, when i download the attachment, it pop out an error dialog with the message complaining as follows:


can not download index.php (come from developer.unigine.com)

can not open Internet site. Your requsrted site is unusable or cannot find, please try again later.

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Sorry, on our side everything seems to work fine, so please check for problems on your side (firewall, proxy server issues, etc).

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