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[SOLVED] little trouble with water caustics


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Hello everyone,


I seem to be having a little trouble getting water caustics to show on certain water meshes. Some water meshes show the caustics just fine, others will not. All water meshes have the same material and all of the water meshes are rectangular in shape. There must be something I am not doing correctly when creating water meshes, any ideas?


Thanks and have a great day!

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Agreed, we need a test scene with 2 meshes (with rendered and non-rendered caustics) and materials. If you don't want it to be posted here for some reasons, you can always send it at support@unigine.com.

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I believe I have tracked down the problem! It seems that when I export a mesh and set align to World, the caustics do not work. When I set align to center, the caustics work just fine. I'll upload both meshes so others can verify the problem exists on their end as well. The water material may look strange depending on your lighting settings.


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It's because the center of mesh coordinates is offset and caustics uses this center to calculate whether it should be rendered or not. Please, export water meshes at the center of world coordinates (or with Pivot option, if pivot point is at the center of the water mesh).


I've added this to docs to avoid confusion.

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