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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I've encountered a crash when parenting a WorldCluster to a terrain/plane. When I press generate the cluster would hang on generating. The following error message is displayed in the console: Variable::getIntSafe(): can't convert extern class to int This is the structure of the nodes: The crash occurs in version 2.5
  2. WorldCluster thoughs

    WorldCluster is really powerfull tool but it still need some improvements: 1. Parameters for multiple WorldClusters It is really bad design that all WorldClusters share same generations params stored in .cfg file. Having 3-4 clusters and updating them after terrain change is really a headache. I'd suggest to store all generation params in world.xml file. It would be very rarelly used but actually, who cares about 1-2kb of code when we have hundred megabytes of textures? 2. Seed value (as in WorldClutter) Topic says it all. We need to store and use this value. 3. Intersection check f