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Found 6 results

  1. Async world loading

    Is it possible to load world asynchronously? I want to have one world active and running, while another loading. Then switch active world.
  2. Hi. I generated a blank project in and when loading the world, I get this error message "Runtimes creation failed.Asset does not contain any runtimes." Why this error? Where can I look to see where it comes from?
  3. Hi, I have a world node. I want to find any points z value when I give x and y. What function should I use?
  4. Hey Unigine Team, I wanted to ask you, if its would be possible to provide an "AND" operation for the getIntersection functionality? So you can provide the mask like "1010010" and this mask need to match completely to the triggered element/mesh/node (at the moment its an "XOR" don't?) - this could be passed via an parameter at all, like the "exluded nodes"-array. With that you could provide much more complexer logics in game. Thanks & Greetings Lars
  5. [SOLVED] Global Paticles - Deflectors in nodes?

    Hello Folks I'm trying to get dedicated deflectors to my nodes, which should intercept with my global particle system. To Explain you: When i have a House preset, i can create a deflector in my particle system, even set it to word coordinates instead of local - all fine. but i need a more accurate way, an automated. We will have player build castles, workhouses and living-houses. How can i get a deflector into their node which we spawn when the building is finished by a player, which then interacts with the global, always present rain particle system. i would love to achieve that with deflectors, as real time intersection <<physic>> is a no-go performance wise. Any ideas?
  6. i try to use WidgetSpriteNode class. i want to draw a node in WidgetSpriteNode. but the node appear at WidgetSpriteNode with worldscene. i wrote this script. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // my script m_lbSpriteNode = new WidgetSpriteNode(gui, 430, 600); Node node = node_load("mesh.node"); m_lbSpriteNode.setProjection(ortho(-10, 10, 50, -1, 0.1f, 100.0f)); m_lbSpriteNode.setModelview(lookAt(vec3(0,-1,0), vec3(0,1,0), vec3(0,0,1))); m_lbSpriteNode.setNode(node); // Transparent background viewport m_lbSpriteNode.setBlendFunc(GUI_BLEND_SRC_ALPHA,GUI_BLEND_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA); engine.render.setAmbientColor(vec4(1, 1, 1, 1)); // remove engine.editor.removeNode(node); or node_remove(node); ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// but i was failed remove from worldscene. can i remove the node from worldscene for only use in WidgetSpriteNode ?
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