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Found 5 results

  1. Clouds movement without noise

    Hi, I just want to ask how it is possible to move the clouds without moving through the noise pattern to make their shape more stable. I added two videos, one shows the movement of the player, which creates the appearance I want to achieve. The other one shows the cloud moving per wind slider in the paramter section. Ideally it should be a mix of both. Thanks for your help. clouds_moved_by_viewpoint.mp4 clouds_moved_by wind.mp4
  2. Hello, We have played with the ClothSimulation and the PhysicalWind. The following questions came up so far: How to synchronize the wind across multiple computers ? referring to a similar discussion How to achieve a deterministic/synchronized state for the physic-bodies inside the simulation? Is there something similar to setSyncMode takeSyncData applySyncData Thank you in advance, Regards, Sascha
  3. Hi, I have particles and I want them to affected from physical wind. My car is affected from wind ( can't reach maximum speed) but particles are not affected. Here is my code: pos_araba = target_car.getPosition(); vec3 direc = target_car.getDirection(); vec3 windvolumepos = pos_araba + rotateZ(180.0 * atan2(direc.y, direc.x) / PI) * vec3(5.0, -5.0, 1.0); //MUZAFFER: rüzgar wind = add_editor(new PhysicalWind(vec3(10,20,10))); wind.setLinearDamping(0.16f); wind.setAngularDamping(0.16f); wind.setVelocity(vec3(0.0f,0.0f,5.0f)); wind.setWorldTransform(translate(windvolumepos)); volume = add_editor(new ObjectVolumeBox(vec3(10,20,10))); volume.setMaterial("volume_fog_base","*"); volume.setMaterialParameter("diffuse_color",vec4(1.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f),0); volume.setWorldTransform(translate(windvolumepos)); To check out where is the wind box is I created a volume box. Here is my code for particles: particlesbaca = add_editor(new ObjectParticles()); particlesbaca.setMaterial("particles_base","*"); //particlesbaca.setMaterialParameter("diffuse_color",vec4(1.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f),0); particlesbaca.setMaterialParameter("diffuse_color",vec4(0.3f,0.3f,0.3f,0.0f),0); particlesbaca.setWorldTransform(translate(Vec3(0.0f,2.0f,1.5f))); particlesbaca.setParticlesType(OBJECT_PARTICLES_TYPE_LENGTH); particlesbaca.setSpawnRate(300.0f); //saniyede kaç tane üretilecek particlesbaca.setLengthStretch(0.01f); //uzatma particlesbaca.setLinearDamping(0.0f); particlesbaca.setEmitterType(OBJECT_PARTICLES_EMITTER_POINT); particlesbaca.setEmitterDirection(vec3(0.1f,0.0f,0.1f));//target_car.getBackPosition()); //yönü particlesbaca.setEmitterSpread(vec3(0.0f,0.0f,0.0f)); //particialların alanı particlesbaca.setEmitterSize(vec3(0.0f,0.0f,0.0f)); //boyut particlesbaca.setEmitterEnabled(1); particlesbaca.setGravity(vec3(0.0f,0.0f,-9.8f)); particlesbaca.setLife(2.0f,0.0f); particlesbaca.setRadius(0.1f,0.5f); particlesbaca.setVelocity(10.0f,0.0f); particlesbaca.setCulling(1); particlesbaca.setCollision(0); particlesbaca.setIntersection(0); particlesbaca.setEnabled(1); particlesbaca.setParent(target_car.getObject()); Should I turn or off an attribute for particles?
  4. Hi there I'd like to access the parameters of the cloud material to simulate different wind at runtime. We need a controlable environment, in which the user can define the specific wind power and direction and the clouds should react correctly to those. Is there a possibility to get a handle to the velocity and the angle of the animation settings? Thanks in advance
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