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Found 4 results

  1. Unigine Web Page

    Hello community.- Very new here, i am evaluating Unigine Engine just today. As far as for me making a purchase i cant think very much about saying SHURE, but theres one thing that is very important for me and it is Web Development, most of my work is web-based and if you say to me that Unigine supports Webgl or a simmilar solution, i would gladly make my purchase tomorrow. Your engine seems very good, in fact im a little impressed, but i need Web Development also. Thank you in advance.
  2. [SOLVED] Engine compilation error for Webgl

    We are exploring Unigine's Webgl port since some time and facing some issue while compiling the engine. We are performing manual compilation from engine directory, setting webgl as default platform and clang as default compiler in SConstruct. First few errors are engine\math/MathLib.h:457:31: error: use of undeclared identifier '_mm_set_ss'; did you mean '_mm_set1_ps'? _mm_store_ss(&v,_mm_sqrt_ss(_mm_set_ss(v))); engine\math/MathLib.h:457:19: error: use of undeclared identifier '_mm_sqrt_ss'; did you mean '_mm_sqrt_ps'? _mm_store_ss(&v,_mm_sqrt_ss(_mm_set_ss(v))); engine\m
  3. Terrain detaling in WebGL

    We are currently exploring the potential of WebGL port of Unigine. And we have observed that LOD is not functioning properly for terrain irrespective of LOD and flatness value. And it is staying at lowest quality LOD unlike Windows. Does engine has some optimization for terrain data structure in WebGL(Like its not supported in Mobile platform)? Or is there something we are missing? Also if we don't disable collision detection of PlayerSpectator the browser hangs when it collides with terrain. Does anybody else observed this? Thanks in advance.
  4. I have created a small sample and tried to deploy it for webgl platform. For that I created ung file of core and my sample project and then packed them using emscripten file_packager. And using same main.html file(provided in source\app\WebGL) to launch it, BUT the webpage is not working and shows Unigine loading screen only. Log below Loading "unigine.cfg"... Set 1600x900 windowed video mode Unigine engine Binary: WebGL CLANG 3.2.0 Release Jun 4 2014 r14513 Features: OpenGLES Flash Editor NoRTTI NoException App path: Data path: data/ Save path: ---- System ----