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  1. Help with door in VR

    Hello, I am trying to make a simple door in VR with the HTC VIVE, I have looked at all the documentation and I have looked at the VR demo called Foxhole. I'm supposed to have everything right anymore but when it comes to launching it it gives an assertion failed, I have made a debug of the errors and it doesn't have any more I can see. Can anyone tell me how to make a simple door? :( Thank you very much.
  2. Hi, I'm working on linux with version and htc vive. I want to know how I can make an object that can be picked up, such as opening a door. Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone, I am a new unigine user that I joined because I was not satisfied with the results offered by unreal engine. I created a project that will use an HTC VIVE pro virtual reality headset, but I can't manage I even downloaded some VR samples that still don't work. Can you help me solve this problem?
  4. Vive Lock position

    Hello everyone, I am using a HTC Vive. And have the problem that as soon as I lock the position of the headset, the position of the VR player is not on the same position as that of the headset. But is approximately around the vector (0.5, 0.5, 1.7) shifted. Here is an example: int AppWorldLogic::init() { proxy = new AppViveProxy(); proxy->init(); proxy->setHeadPositionLock(1); return 1; } int AppWorldLogic::update() { VRPlayer* vr_player = VRPlayer::get(); NodePtr Node1 = World::getNodeByName("NodeDummy_3"); vr_player->getPlayer()->setWorldTransform(Node1->getWorldTransform()); return 1; }
  5. I am using Plugin AppVive for VR. As I understand it, he constantly updates the camera angles to the helmet angles in the VR space. Tell me how (or at what point) to apply the offset (setOffset ()) for the camera to shift the camera angle by a certain value relative to the angle from AppVive. At the same time, ActorPlayer itself and its vector Up do not change their position. For example, in VR space, the helmet angle is Y = 3, and the player’s camera angle will be Y = 48 (3 + 45). Thanks!
  6. Hey Bro,I want combine Unigine and Unreal Engine 4 by transferring panoramic video stream. So are there any plugins which could output panoramic video stream in Unigine? If there exists one plugin, what format does it have? If not, can I get the stream by catch it in frame buffer?
  7. Attach to HMD

    I'm attempting to simulate an AR monocle, in a VR environment. I understand that GUI cannot be rendered in VR normally, so I am using a world space ObjectGUI. The problem I am having is this: I can't seem to be able to get the ObjectGUI to stick to the user's field of view. I also need to render the GUI to only one eye, but I haven't looked into that yet. I've tried: • Setting the ObjectGUI as a child of the camera. • Moving the ObjectGUI to camera position on update, using a C# script: ui.WorldPosition = cam.WorldPosition + offset; • Moving the ObjectGUI to camera position, alternative method: camera.GetDirectionFromScreen(out var p0, out var p1, 0.5f, 0.5f, 16f / 9); var dir = (p1 - p0).Normalized; ui.WorldPosition = p0 + dir * distance; • There is mention of an "Attach to HMD" property, here: https://developer.unigine.com/en/docs/2.13/start/vr/?rlang=cpp&words=hmd#attach_to_hmd However, there is no such file in my project, and I couldn't find a way to get it. All my attempts ended up moving the ObjectGUI in front of the camera object before accounting for the HMD position (at the player's feet). I've read in the documentation that "camera is not a node". Does this mean I can't get the VR camera's transform information? Surely there must be a way. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I want to be able to edit the project, then hit the play button to start it in vr. Every time I hit play, it just doesn't start in VR. What I've done: Created a VR template project, added the command your_app_name -extern_plugin "AppVive" to run (this only starts in vr when I hit run from the sdk browser and not from editor when I hit play), and I've added that same command to the run editor but it just crashes. Any help would be appreciated since I'd love to develop with this editor Edit: figured it out, it was set to default next to the play button in editor
  9. Valve Index

    Hi. Is it possible to create a VR application using the Valve Index with the C# Component System? I'd like to switch our dev team from Unity to Unigine for an upcoming project but documentation says only Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Vive Pro are supported out-of-the-box. What steps would we need to take to get an Index working? Thanks!
  10. Deleted assets

    Hi, I have deleted some components of the VR layer by accident (vr sample). I have manually placed them back in my scene from the asset browser, with just the same hierarchy and names as in a new generated file (VR sample) - but all the values in the vr_player_spawner.prop in the player dummy are now set to 0 (so the inputs are broken, because of the guids). Now the question is - how can i relink this values with my scene nodes, so that the app works in vr again? I also created a new project and imported the content, but there is no way to copy the content from one editor window to another in a "copy&paste" manner, and recreating everything from scratch would be a rather big pain. Hope there is a solution to that... Thanks
  11. Sound and VR

    Hello. I found some problems with sound sorcres in VR-scenes. If head position is far away from centre of VR-room (PlayerDummy in Unigine code), engine will calculate max distance and occlusion from centre of VR-room. In samples "Superposition" and "VR template" editor or engine use sound sources without occlusion and with huge max distance. This is a resourceful decision, but we don't really want to use it. For example, we have sound sorcre near the door on the wall (picture is in attach). We can teleport to another side of the wall and we must hear dull sound. If we turn off parametr "occlusion", sound will not be dull. But if we turn on this option, walk without teleport and centr of room is in the wall, for example, sound always will be dull. Is any solution to this problem? It will be exsellent, if "ear" will be tied to head, not to player/centr of VR-room. We use Unigine 2.7.2 and HTC vive.
  12. Hello. I find bug in Unigine's rendering. We are making a VR programm and we turned off all shadows for best FPS. If player watch mesh with built-in animation, animation work, otherwise it don't work. If we turn on shadows on ligth source, animation will work always. Animation of this mesh is very important for some parts of programm (sounds). Can I render this animition without using shadows? We use Unigine 2.7.2. Desktop 2019.12.17 -
  13. VR assembling project

    Hi, after assembling a project based on the VR Template, I cant get it to launch in VR - it works when executed via browser, but as soon it is assembled it works only in the pc mode. What should I do to get it to work in VR? Thanks
  14. Hello, i am trying to change the way the laser pointer in the VR template works. By default, when the laser ray hits an interactive object (grab), a text with the object´s name will be set visible. I would like to change it, so that when above is true AND, in addition, a button on the controller is pressed (oculus rift), a material on the obejct will be changed, lets say with every pressing of the button the user is switching to another material of an array of few defined materials. As far as I understand, it should be coded here (see attachment) but i dont really know how to map the controller´s button´s state (pressed) to it and how to let it cycle thorugh a defined array with every click. Help will be very appreciated! Best, Pio
  15. ObjectGUI and VR

    Hi, In our project we have to support HTC VIVE. In the scene, there is some tactile panels, first thought was to use ObjectGui, but I have the doubt if ObjectGui can be interacted whith HTC VIVE devices, At the moment I don't have access to these glasses. I want to ask you if anyone have done some test about ObjectGui interaction with HTC VIVE device. Thanks.
  16. App Oculus failed to intialize

    Hi, I'm currently evaluating Unigine and wanted to try out some of the Demos with an Oculus rift, however whenever I enable VR in the SDK Browser options and run a VR Ready demo, I get this error: ---- Plugins ---- Loading "AppOculus_double_x64.dll"... Unable to locate symbol: ovr_SetSynchronizationQueueVk Previous soft errors: Xml::load(): can't open "" file Config::load(): can't open "F:/Unigine SDK Browser/demos/oil_refinery_demo_2.7.1/data/unigine.cfg" file Unigine fatal error: AppOculus::AppOculus(): ovr_Initialize(): failed I updated my drivers before attempting to run any of the demos, I also have version 2.7 of Unigine installed. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks
  17. Hi, we already have base stations and controllers as objects in the demo project. Please also add tracker https://www.vive.com/eu/vive-tracker/ to the assets and code in the demo project. It is somewhat complicated to add it with correct pivot, which is why i am asking for it. Extending the code to find tracker is easy and works well.
  18. Vr View

    Hi All, Is there a way to change the Window onscreen while the Vive is being used in the engine? Currently, it renders both eyes onscreen, however I would like to have just one eye be rendered onscreen. Thanks, Off Planet Simulation
  19. Capture VR video on FullHD

    Hi, We are triying to capture video VR Full HD video with HTC vives on Unigine. The problem is that we do not know how to capture the video in Full HD, what program or in what way have you captured the VR video that you have posted recently on Youtube? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nAKoOpUInQ Thanks
  20. turn on Visualizer in VR

    Hello Visualizer is good tool for debug rendering, but it not rendered in VR vis.setEnabled(1); Console.get().run("show_visualizer 1"); is there known workarounds?
  21. Hello VR in 2.5 are working for me. when I switch SDK to 2.6 or 2.6.1, at samples->UnigineScript->APP->app_oculus_00 and app_vive_00 runs with black screen + fps text same with VR template in log 09:20:33 Loading "AppVive_x64.dll"... 09:20:33 Unable to init VR runtime: Interface Not Found (105) how this can be fixed? wrong dll?
  22. mat4 methods

    Hello trying to use controller to rotate player camera // get head position in world coords Player player = engine.game.getPlayer(); Mat4 player_transform = player.getWorldTransform(); Mat4 hmd_transform = engine.oculus.getDevicePose(OCULUS_DEVICE_HMD); Mat4 hmd_transform_world = player_transform * hmd_transform; quat i_rotation = player.getWorldRotation();//(1) woking - but no hmd transform //i_rotation = rotation(hmd_transform_world); (2) - not working - and controllers go unresponsible //i_rotation = hmd_transform_world;// (3) - nothing i_rotation = quat(vec3(1, 0, 0), R_thumb.y) * conjugate(i_rotation) * quat(vec3(0, 0, 1), -R_thumb.x);// apply delta pitch/yaw quat camera_rotation = conjugate(i_rotation); player.setWorldRotation(camera_rotation); with (1) pitch/yaw changing are working - but rotating around wrong axis if hmd rotated with (2) or (3) nothing happening - no errors, no controller responces, no vibratiion at button pressing ( how to account hmd rotation matrix for quat axis rotation? do I incorrectly assign mat4 to quat? also there no .getRight() .getForward() ... methods in uscript? (
  23. How to run the HTC Vive?

    hi, I try to do work with htc vive,but while I run the application by visual studio 2015, I can't enter the VR mode, what should i do to enter VR?is any code? thanks!
  24. Hi, all. I am working on a VR/MR project. I had to replace scene image by another image shot by a camera. I was trying creating a custom shader for post-processing to do this. The image on the PC monitor is OK but unfortunately VR headset showed double/overlapped images. e.g. You can take the Post-processing UUSL example provided by Unigine. And add a texture assigned a local picture in the material and then output the RGB color of this texture to replace the scene image in the frag shader. Anyone knows the reason or solution? Please help me find out it. thanks!
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