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Found 4 results

  1. Shadows in Volume Fog

    Hi All, While using fog volumes to create foggy areas in our application, we noticed that shadows inside of the foggy area appear very strong. The environment presets can be used to counter this effect, however they are applied scene wide. For our application a scene is possible where we have one camera inside of the fog and another camera outside in clear weather simultaneously (so just changing the preset depending on whether the camera is inside of the fog is not possible). Is it possible to have strong shadows and clear weather outside of the fog volume but less strong shadows inside of the fog? Here you can see the mentioned hard shadows with environment preset0 (Pic1) and the solution with environment preset 1 (Pic2): Pic1Pic2 Without fog it we have preset0 (Pic3) and preset1(Pic4): Pic3Pic4 So we basically want something like Pic2 inside of the fog but something like Pic3 outside of it. Of course we are open to other solutions not using Environment presets. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. Effect Volume incorrect shading

    Hello, The shading of effect volumes is incorrect when then camera just enters the volume. See attached pictures (0.png = camera just outside, 1.png = camera just inside). I was trying to use a volume to simulate ground fog over a pond. This issue leads to a strong visual change when the camera enters or leaves the volume perpendiculary, and creates a "split screen" effect when the camera enters/leaves tangently.
  3. in samples\objects\volumes_01, I try to set one of the spheres to get big enough (I need about R=7000). But when the size reaches about R=1500, the fog starts to disappear, depending on distance from camera. I tried ObjectVolumeBox instead of ObjectVolumeSphere, - the box works fine. The sphere with volume_light_base material also works fine at big sizes. But I need a big fog sphere.
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