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Found 14 results

  1. Hi everyone, We are building an application that follows this architecture : - One application with a GUI running on a computer - One instance of Unigine running on another computer. Is there any pre-built unigine functionality that would allow to stream (almost in real time) the video over a network from the Unigine instance to the computer with the interface ? The computer running the application would only send user input, such as moving a character, rotating... and the Unigine instance would send back its video stream over the network, it would work in a way similar
  2. Random crashes

    Hi @demostenes, I've reproduced this. However, it wasn't that often as you mentioned, but quite stable. I also observed that you're running main_sdl.exe instead of regular main.exe. Is this on purpose? We'll investigate the reasons for the crash and will try to fix it in the next update. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I made one camera motion using trakcer in scene and i wanted to take render sequences for video of scene within camera motion. I used video grabber but didn't get good quality sequences. waiting for your suggestions, ideas, methods to take render quality sequences.... i hope to hear from you soon....... Mayur patel
  4. Capture VR video on FullHD

    Hi, We are triying to capture video VR Full HD video with HTC vives on Unigine. The problem is that we do not know how to capture the video in Full HD, what program or in what way have you captured the VR video that you have posted recently on Youtube? Thanks
  5. 360 degrees panorama video creation

    Hi Unigine Developers, I need to know how you created this video in 360 degrees. 360 degrees panorama video We have looked at the Unigine plugins for finding something to generate, but we do not see anything like this. How did you create it?
  6. Hi! I'm Korean Game Programmer. I want the output without alpha value like File "No alpha value.png" and "Docs.png". Outputting general videos, I can get the same value as File "No Setting.mp4"(WidgetSpriteVideo) In case of using functions like SetBlendFunc(Unigine::Gui::BLEND_ONE, Unigine::Gui::BLEND_SRC_ALPHA), I can get the same value as File "setBlendFunc.mp4". As for File "setBlendFunc.mp4", it's similar to what I want. But I'm afraid the blend effect affects the whole video files. I wonder if there's any proper way to print out with a transparent background
  7. We need to play a couple of very short video clips over the top of Unigine scenes. The clips will act as buffers to hide camera cuts and scene changes, so they will be very quick (less than a second in most cases). We have converted slips across to OGV but can't tell if the video transparency has come across, we don't know if there is a setting or flag we need to set to get it to work. Currently the videos have transparency but we can't see that effect. Can anyone help us understand the process or suggest a new process which will allow us to take a video with alpha channel and
  8. I start a thread called "mainloop", as below. I expect it to rewind the video after 5 seconds. Instead the video skips back to the start for a single frame then carries on. void mainloop() { Gui gui; WidgetSpriteVideo bgvid; AmbientSource bgvidsound; gui = engine.getGui(); bgvid = new WidgetSpriteVideo(gui,"data/mupK/mov1.ogv", 0); bgvidsound = new AmbientSource("data/mupK/mov1.ogv", 0); bgvid.setAmbientSource(bgvidsound); gui.addChild(bgvid, GUI_ALIGN_BACKGROUND); while(1) { bgvid.stop(); bgvidsound.stop(); bgvid.setVideoTime(1.0f); bgvidsound.setTi
  9. Hi Can anyone point me to some documentation or code on playing videos on a mesh ? Thank Paul
  10. [SOLVED] Video playback problem

    Hello! I have a problem. If I modify "C:\Unigine Evaluation Kit\demos\samples_widgets_d3d11.bat": to "world_load samples/widgets/splash_03" instead "world_load samples/widgets/button_00". And add into "C:\Unigine Evaluation Kit\data\samples\widgets\splash_03.cpp" in Splash() { ... button_clicked(); } Video is played very fast. However if I click in splash_03 button from Unigine UI, video played with normal speed. Questions: how play video with normal speed if I starting from bat.file?
  11. Hi Please make in new version video capture(demo record) from game in AVI file. Because method in Heaven Demo is very slow Привет. Пожалуйста сделайте,в новой версии возможность записи видео с экрана в AVI файл. Т.К метод показанный Heaven Demo очень тормозной.
  12. [SOLVED] Video Capture

    Hi,who know how make video capture in avi file?(how in fraps). Method in Heaven Demo is very slow
  13. The ogv file, the lib theora it's not optimized for arm processor, and the next version of theora lib it just an alpha. I want know if add other format inside Unigine how mp4 it's possible ???