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Found 15 results

  1. Hello , I have to press this button every time I go to the forum to follow the news of Unigine until it turns dark theme, but I think I need a cookie to register once and for all/always and not repeat this every time, for me It is annoying, please fix it. Thanks
  2. Hello Is it possible to run Unigine but the Internet is not connected for a month? Connecting to the Internet to work with Unigine is really annoying. Is it possible to work with Unigine offline?
  3. Hi everyone, How to Access White Color in Settings Window? I searched , you can help me Thank you
  4. MathLib.Lerp Bug

    Hi Unigine Team, I verified MathLib.Lerp , this function have a bad bug. If the distance from the origin to the destination increases, The shooting point to the destination happens with a fast time interval! this is not correct! While this process should be uniform as a third parameter(speed*Game.Ifps). For example : The starting distance to the destination is 10 meters and the particle travels this distance in 2 seconds For example :The starting distance to the destination is 100 meters and the particle travels this distance in 20 seconds I think this function needs to be reviewed , or at least create another function, according to me, so that missiles and rockets can be designed. Thank you
  5. Hi Unigine Team, First : I must to say you , Thank you so much for public release unigine game engine , I used a bit unigine , this engine is amazing & awesome... Second : Big game dev team or small game dev team can make open world game or Big game with C# or C++ in unigine? Which Language With API Complete in Unigine? C# or C++? Three : Is it possible tell me, which games or simulate projects made with unigne website address? Sincerely Ahmad Karami A Teacher/Book author/Test engineer/Solo GameDev
  6. Hello, I'm using maya 2016 for 3d content creation and looking for plugin for maya 2016 version to export mesh (dynamic mesh also to use in unigine as a cloth). if you have an any other ideas, then share with me...I'm waiting for it. Mayur patel.
  7. Capture VR video on FullHD

    Hi, We are triying to capture video VR Full HD video with HTC vives on Unigine. The problem is that we do not know how to capture the video in Full HD, what program or in what way have you captured the VR video that you have posted recently on Youtube? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nAKoOpUInQ Thanks
  8. Terrain tool question

    Hello! Just a quick question. After you run a hightmap through the terrain tool what do you do with the .ter file generated? I cannot seem to figure out how to import it. I am using Unigine SIM 2.1 evaluation version. Thank you for your time, ~Cody EDIT:: So far the only thing that sort of works is generating a new terrain, and then replacing the chunks with the .ter files generated from the hightmap. But when I do it like that, the displacement is nonexistent (pictures below).
  9. Hi, Our app is a java app that runs Unigine as a dll through jni. We send some messages to Unigine, but I'd like to not send them if the Unigine window isn't the active window. Sorry, there's probably an API call in the docs somewhere, just haven't found it yet. Thanks
  10. Baked Shadows?

    Hello all. We are currently in the process of creating an exterior scene which is gradually reaching its performance limit. I was wondering, rather than using real-time shadows, would it be possible to bake all of the shadows onto the terrain? Thanks EDIT: I've just realised that this has been posted in the 'Programming' section. Could you please move it to 'Content Creation'
  11. [SOLVED] Fadable Objects

    Hi all. I am fairly new to Unigine and gradually learning the various tools/features. My query is, I am looking to fade in an object when the player/camera is lets say 100 units away from the object, and then once the object is no longer in visible, it then fades out/de-animates. Is this possible to do without scripting? Possibly using the schemer? Thanks
  12. QNX Support ?

    Will you plan or can you make Unigine for QNX OS? It wold be good to run Unigine on QNX RTOS. Although its not popular as embedded linux but its really fast OS. We may use Unigine on Embedded Systems for some projects but sometimes we think about qnx too... because its kernel is very good RTOS
  13. Flash platform support

    Given that UDK/UE3, Unity have the ability to deploy games into Flash platform (and Crytek announced that for CryEngine 3 too), we shall see AAA games playing in the browsers soon. Are there any plans on adding such feature into Unigine?
  14. Unigine developer

    Приглашаем на работу программиста хорошо знающего и разбирающегося в Unigine. Желательно человека принимающего непосредственное участие в разработке данного продукта. Основные обязанности - оптимизация и доработка движка под разрабатываемую MMORPG. Работа в Москве. Зарплата не менее 90 000 руб. marketing@digitalengine.ru
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