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Found 19 results

  1. Stencil Buffer usage while rendering to texture.

    Hello, is it possible to do a stencil test while rendering to a 2d texture. This is my example code: camera->setModelview(Unigine::Math::inverse(m_player->getWorldTransform())); // saving current render state and clearing it Unigine::RenderState::saveState(); Unigine::RenderState::clearStates(); Unigine::RenderState::clearBuffer(Unigine::RenderState::BUFFER_STENCIL, Unigine::Math::vec4(), 0.f, 1); Unigine::RenderState::setStencilFunc(Unigine::RenderState::STENCIL_EQUAL, Unigine::RenderState::STENCIL_KEEP, 2); Unigine::RenderState::flushStates(); // rendering an image from the camera to the texture viewportwide->renderTexture2D(camera, texture); // restoring back render state Unigine::RenderState::restoreState(); The stencil function I use should skip filling the texture, but it still works. What am I doing wrong?
  2. [SOLVED] Load RAW DXT1 texture

    Hello, I try to load a RAW texture that I have in DTX1 format. I don't found a way to load a RAW texture. I try to load as image but log an error loading int format = ::Unigine::Image::FORMAT_DXT1; ::Unigine::ImagePtr image = ::Unigine::Image::create(); image->create2D(textureSize, textureSize, format); const ::Unigine::Ptr<::Unigine::Blob> stream = ::Unigine::Blob::create(); stream->write(textureData, textureLen); // textureData=RAW DTX1 Buffer, textureLen=size image->load(stream->getStream()); /roberto
  3. .cache_textures out of control

    Hi, since we are using the new version 2.8 of the engine, we observed that the new .cache_textures folder is growing fast. I had over 250000 files in there today and it is ongoing poluting our customers installation. It seems like every time, we are loading ressources from our file system, new cache files will be generated with different hashes but never deleted. We would like an option to disable the creation of cached textures. Regards Sebastian
  4. Questions about 2.8 data streaming.

    Hi, we have migrated to 2.8 version of the engine and I have some questions about some changes. Our start up time increased noticeable. Is there a connection with the data streaming setup and cache? Is it possible to disable unloading of streamed textures which where already loaded? Streaming from HDD is really slow, is a SSD mandatory for your engine now ? Is it possible to force resource upload into VRAM? We are observing many spikes when moving the camera arround in the microprofiler when textures are not loaded and view direction moves again to highpoly/material count area. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards Sebastian
  5. Hi, is there a fast way to export a Node reference with all its subobjects (objects,meshes,materials,textures) into a single folder. Our Artist imported a fbx file in Unigine Editor and I want only the converted assets, to load it later with the c++ api on the fly at any given location in the filesystem dynamically. I know, that they are saved in the .runtime folder, but it is hard to search for every object/mesh/material/texture manually with a few hundred subobjects uglyfied. Thanks, Sebastian
  6. Hi, I managed it to migrate from 2.7.1 to It works so far when we are not using decals for most of our scene, but we recognized a significant change in the shading. We did no changes to our Material initialization and textures, but the image is brigther and more saturated. Why is this happening? Files attached. Thanks
  7. Hello, at the moment we are loading textures from uncompressed tga files. We are reaching the limit now for our application (OpenGL complains when allocating more than 4GB video ram for 32 bit applications on a 1080Ti 11GB) and sometimes framebuffers get incomplete. Ram usage is about 1 GB at the moment. What is the best way to initalize texture compression on program start, because I found no entry in the help file or forum so far. Thanks in advance
  8. If a jpg file is assigned to a material, and a surface use this material would turns into white for a very short time before the right image is seen when the surface is firstly displayed. How to solve this problem?
  9. Hi there, we are using ObjectMeshStatic and create meshes on the fly from our own format on cpp side. The materials are also generated on the cpp side and assigned to the ObjectMeshStatic object. When unigine starts rendering and I change the view direction, the application hangs for some time. When I did a complete 360 degree manual turn it is fine. It seems that unigine is not uploading the data to video memory on creation. How can I force the upload for meshes, materials ,shaders and images loaded by cpp code to stop uploading on demand? Best regards, Sebastian
  10. It seems, that the possibility has gone, to import .dds textures created with dds tool in Photoshop without or with a specific number of MipMaps. The import seems to create their own Mipmaps and ignore the original stored in the texture. Is this correct? I need that option. Thx. Werner
  11. Texture animation Problem

    My Unigine version is 2.6 and i got a problem : I crate some continuous textures in dds , then i connect them in one track, when i play the track textures are come to blink all the time. I can't figure out what is the problem. Please give me a help.
  12. Hi, I need to render to a texture. How do I set that up? Thanks
  13. Hello! I'm new to Unigine, only downloaded it today. I've been playing around with some of the premade scripts and examples (driving over ragdolls with tanks...there are worse way to test things). We have a lot of Openflight databases and i'm looking into the OpenFlight-importer in Unigine. When loading a flight-file, Unigine has trouble with finding some textures (.rgb btw). You can then browse manually to the texture folder and try to find the original texture so Unigine can use it. But, when opening the texture map on our filesserver (over the network), wich can contain a lot and sometimes big textures, the filebrowsers tries to get a miniature preview icon for every texture in there. This puts a lot of strain on our network and it slows the filebrowser down a lot: i have to wait to scroll untill small previews are done, He doesn't load them all (only the ones in view, but it slows down the scolling tremendously. Is there a way to stop the browser from showing those small previews (on the left of the filename), Or maybe i'm not using this correctly? Thanks already! Best Regards, Mats
  14. [SOLVED] Error compressing textures

    I'm currently trying to import a 3DS Max scene into Unigine to see how well it translates. I've exported the scene to FBX and imported it into the engine with no issues. The trouble I'm facing is importing textures to create materials with. On all but 6 of my textures I receive an error saying that Unigine cannot compress them. Can you suggest modifications that need to be made to the files themselves, or my process for importing to get them into the project and easily mapped to my meshes? Please see the textures attached in a ZIP file. Thanks! A. CompressedMaps.zip
  15. Gloss map

    I've been working with the pbr shaders recently and I've hit a snag. Typically when creating a material, there are many different gloss values. A standard specular pipeline would include a way to modulate gloss with a texture like with the spec map. A logical solution would be to put a gloss map in the alpha channel of the spec map, but it looks like that's unsupported. Is there a way to use a gloss map with a specular type pbr shader?
  16. Redefine landscape textures

    Hi there I created a landscape and applied a diffuse texture. If I apply a more detailed texture to the Refined parts, it gets mirrored a long the y (or x?) axis. In the attached picture, I used the same texture for the coarse and the diffuse texture. And as you can see the artefact in the data is mirrored. thanks in advance Renato
  17. Есть ли в Unigine возможность использовать в качестве разных текстурных карт каналы одного файла? Например есть файл (RGBA8). В материале RGB - Diffuse, A - Specular. In-english: Is it possible in Unigine to use as texture maps of different channels of a file? For example there is a file (RGBA8). In material RGB - Diffuse, A - Specular.
  18. [SOLVED] alpha mask texture

    Hi everyone. Has anybody implemented a material that has a separate texture slot for the alpha mask rather than it being a part of the diffuse texture information? Is a custom shader necessary for this purpose? Lastly, can you suggest a good source for learning shader scripting? I've checked the sample shaders in Unigine and it appears that I have much to learn. I've only tried scripting in ShaderLab which is actually much simpler. Thanks.
  19. Show icon in tabs

    Hi all, It would be nice to optionally define a texture path when a new tab is added to the WidgetTabBox as icon on the left side of the tab (as web browsers like chrome does) The UnigineScript code will look like: //WidgetTabBox void addTab(string title,string texture) string getTabTexture(int tab) void setTabTexture(int tab,string texture) Thanks. Note: Even better, add a flag to represent the close tab icon on the right side as shown in the screenshot. void closeTabIconEnabled(int enabled)
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