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Found 8 results

  1. Text squeeze

    While working with text using the combination of "ObjectGui" and "WidgetLabel", came across a requirement of squeezing the text if it crosses the "ObjectGui" bounds. Need to know how can the same be achieved using C++ APIs. Thank you.
  2. Здравствуйте, вопрос по объекту текст. В документации сказано " If the Rich text option is enabled, you can use tags for text formatting." хотелось бы узнать какие теги поддерживаются и возможно ли создать текст внутри text object различного размера и толщины, например чтобы выделить заголовок. Так же интересует можно ли добавить на текст эффекты обводки вокруг букв, похоже на outline, только жирнее и со всех сторон. Спасибо.
  3. [SOLVED] image scale in tag text

    Hi all, my question is about how image scale should be defined in rich text tag. I've tried different versions of the same definition in my .ui file but it always fails as unknown image option. Here is my last code. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <ui version="1.0"> <window name="rpci_wnd" export="1" height="539"> <hbox align="expand" background="1"> <label align="expand" width="579"> <text rich="1"> <image src="gui/gui_white.png" scale=%40 color="#00ff00"/>FS4<right/>This is right aligned text</text> </label> </hbox> </window> </ui> Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm trying to create a dynamic sign inside the Unigine world which has text that needs updated as the simulation progresses. However I can't seem to figure out the correct approach for this. I see I can use a WidgetCanvas or WidgetFlash to render 2D text overlays but I can't see how to render text on to a 3D surface.
  5. Hi How do I display text that can change (get its value from a variable ) with this size using a ttf font; see images: It MUST be allways in front of anything like setOrder(100);
  6. Font wrapping doesn't seem to work on WidgetEditText. It doesn't have any effect event after setFontWrap(1). For a quick repro, replace WidgetLabel with WidgetEditText in font_00 sample project.
  7. [SOLVED] WidgetEditText not rendering text

    When WidgetEditText is put inside a vbox and the WidgetEditText's text crosses the vbox's bottom boundary, the rendering of the text stops. Below is the complete code to reproduce the issue. Gui gui; WidgetVBox vbox; WidgetButton button; WidgetEditText text; int init() { gui = engine.getGui(); vbox = new WidgetVBox(gui); vbox.setBackground(1); vbox.setWidth( 300 ); vbox.setHeight( 200 ); gui.addChild(vbox,GUI_ALIGN_OVERLAP | GUI_ALIGN_CENTER); text = new WidgetEditText(gui, "WidgetEditText..." ); text.setPosition( 150, 0 ); vbox.addChild(text, GUI_ALIGN_OVERLAP | GUI_ALIGN_FIXED ); button = new WidgetButton(gui, "Drag Me" ); button.setCallback( GUI_PRESSED, "OnPressed" ); button.setCallback( GUI_RELEASED, "OnReleased" ); vbox.addChild(button, GUI_ALIGN_OVERLAP | GUI_ALIGN_FIXED); return 1; } void OnPressed() { text.setPosition( text.getPositionX() + gui.getMouseDX(), text.getPositionY() + gui.getMouseDY() ); } int nCount = 0; void OnReleased() { text.addLine( format( "%d", nCount ) ); nCount++; } int update() { return 1; } int shutdown() { return 1; }
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