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  1. What is max terrain I can create in free version of unigine. Can I make the entire solar system in one go.Or split it up into levels and load it in one planet at a time if possible.
  2. Hello everyone! We're finishing our planet object and would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the workflow and functionality. Below you'll find a link on a survey. UNIGINE's Planet Survey
  3. Добрый день. Возникло несколько вопросов, на которые я не нашёл ясного ответа. И для которых нет смысла создавать отдельные темы. На сайте указано, что слишком большое количество карт слоёв может снизить производительность. Хотелось бы более развёрнуто, что значит слишком? Влияет ли только количество или размер тоже (наверняка, но что и на что). Где узкое место в железе, чтобы понимать как распределять ресурсы (может что то дешевле реализовать масками, деталями). Например, как скажется на производительности 10 карт разрешением 16к*16к пикселей? Или 100 карт 100*100 пикселей. В классе LandscapeTextures Class метод getOpacityHeight получает R32F текстуру с данными прозрачности. Для чего эти данные используются? По мере возникновения новых вопросов, буду добавлять их в эту тему. С Уважением Константин.
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to move a LandscapeLayerMap up or down along the z-Axis. This can't be done via LandscapeLayerMap::setWorldPosition() because of how the terrain system works as far as I understand. Changing the z-component of the LandscapeLayerMap in the editor has no effect. I achieved the desired effect in the editor using the import settings for the height map. Left: default import settings, base of terrain is located at z = 0; Right: "moving" LandscapeLayerMap to z = -5 Is this the correct way to do it? How can this be achieved via API? I tried to use LandscapeMapFileCreator and LandscapeMapFileSettings as described in Working with Landscape Terrain via Code, however I could not find corresponding functions to manipulate the Min/Max values. I even tried remapping the values of the heightmap myself while loading it according to the Tutorial Working with Landscape Terrain via Code but setting negative values to the height map breaks it. Any help is appreciated. Kind regards
  5. Hello, I want to generate georeferenced terrain in my world. I'm following the steps described in video tutorial "Georeferenced Terrain - UNIGINE Editor 2 Essentials". However, I am not able to add terrain files. I select them in the Landscape editor by clicking on "Add new", then in "Add Source" I point to the files I want to upload. Next I click on OK button. In the effect nothing happens, there are no files that have been added to i.e. height, as shown in the video tutorial and the button "Generate" is not active. Steps i take: Create new project - Load world into editor - Open Landscape editor form Tools - Select Georeferenced Mode - Right click on Height (Elevation) - Add new - Select wanted file - Click on OK button. Results : no files added, "generate" button inactive. Where am I making mistake ? Thank you
  6. Всем привет, есть старый проект на Unigine 2.0 RC мне нужно перенести сцену на Unigine 2.8 Перенести модели я вроде понял как (правда теряются позиции объектов), а вот с Landscape проблема. Какие есть варианты решения моей проблемы? Есть ли возможность перенести сцену целиком? Есть ли возможность экспортировать Landscape?
  7. Full round Earth

    Hi, The full round Earth terrain from which version of engine will be available ? Best, Jan
  8. Hi, I'm evaluating Unigine Engineering for generating large scale environments from GIS data. The landscape tool seems really powerful however I'm having trouble getting my satellite imagery to work. I've imported all the tiles of satellite imagery I have and they line up with the heightmap in the preview window - everything is GeoTiff. However when I generate my terrain, It seems like only the heightmap is being used. My terrain is all there but it's the default grey colour with none of my satellite imagery applied. Am I missing a step? Do I need to merge my satellite data into one single GeoTiff? Thanks, James
  9. terrain and parallax mapping

    Hello, I'd love to see parallax mapping added for close range of terrain. Currently, I must do it via projection detail, but it can't be "everywhere", I must localize it very precisely (a large zone is prohibitively expensive). Having it as a detail layer would be great. Thanks !
  10. Terrain&Shader

    I have some questions about the Unigin. 1) http://wacki.me/blog/2017/01/dynamic-snow-sand-shader-for-unity/ The content of this web page is a description of the features implemented in Unity3D. I need the same features for our project. So I would like to know Unigin 2.6.1 provides similar functionality. 2) And how can I use this features in teraain, if Unigin 2.6.1 includes this functions. 3) Finally, please let me know how to apply shader to teraain in Unigine.
  11. Grass is created just below the terrain

    Hello, When creating Grass over a TerrainGlobal (created with the Landscape tool), on some places, the grass is planted below the terrain. This result in some no-grass patches on the terrain, even though the grass desinty is high, the terrain only has one LOD, and the terrain is not very steep. It looks like the grass interpolation grid does not fit the terrain below. Thanks for your help.
  12. Edit terrain in Editor2

    Hi, I am wondering how can I edit (paint textures, masks/layers and heights) Terrain via Editor2 (just Terrain object, not TerrainGlobal object). In Editor1 it was an Edit button for edit terrain, but in Editor 2 is missing. Another question is if I can use TerrainGlobal object in Unigine Starter ? Or it needs Landscape Tool which as I assume is delivered in higher version of Unigine (Unigine Sim) ? Is there any other way to import heightmap/maybe just map into TextureGlobal (or I can do it only via Landscape Tool) - to generate terrain ? Thanks, Jan
  13. [SOLVED] Tiles of TerrainGlobal dissappear

    Hello, Under some view angle/position, some tiles of a TerrainGlobal simply dissappear: Nothing fancy about the terrain, just created with Landscape with DTED2, only one LOD. The tile appears and disappears depending on the viewer position and direction. Test scene attached (bin, core, textures removed for size consideration) Thanks for your help. test_detail.7z
  14. We recently migrated our application to 2.6.1 from 2.3.1 and its observed that on the application launch white overlay is flashed while terrain is getting loaded. Further investigation shows that there are few textures which are not initialized on startup TEX_DENSITY TEX_NOISE TEX_VOLUME on the next frame they are set and terrain looks correct. Is there any way we can initialize it on time?
  15. Generate terrain in Editor2

    Hi, Where I should create terrain data for generated terrain object via Editor2: in "assets" folder or just in "data" folder ? As I see all generated references points into data folder but when I create it in data folder then I don't have access to created terrain data via asset browser. Thanks, Jan
  16. Landcover and Vegetation mismatch

    Hello, I'm using a landcover raster in my landscape, and I add vegetation on top of it. The landcover tag is created with a 0 threshold. A terrain detail layer is added on the same tag, shown hereafter with a red overlay. And vegetation is created with an ObjectGrass node. The problem here is I don't understand why the vegetation and the detail layer never match, whatever settings I put in the Mask of the detail layer: As you can see, there is grass in A but no grass in B. I would have expected the grass area outline to roughly match the red area (at least for a certain combination of threshold, width, contrast) but that is never the case ! Can you help me here? Thanks.
  17. Regression in Terrain Detail layers

    Hello, Unless I'm mistaken, detail layers in Editor 1 could take advantage of the alpha channel of the albedo map for a cut-off effect with Value/Width/Threshold layer parameter. In Editor 2, there is no longer this possibility: the alpha channel of the albedo is simply ignored. Is it a true regression or does the workflow have changed? Thanks for your suport
  18. Hello, When creating a Spline Object over a landscape as Decal, the material associated with it is created as read-only AND connot be inherited from. This prevents us from changing the Material Mask ID, which is created with the default value of 0xFFFFFFFF. This means the decal will appear on all objects, and not only over the terrain. Suggestions: - make this material inheritable from - add a "Material Mask" entry for Spline Decal in the Landscape editor (this would also be a good idea for all created materials)
  19. [SOLVED] Landscape mask issue

    bug_landscape_mask.mp4Hello, I'm creating a Landscape with a Mask with the Landscape Tool. I added an elevation file (DT2), an imagery file (ECW), and a landcover file (geotiff). On the landcover I added a tag ("forest") matching a specific color, with 0 threshold. I then generated the terrain, and the landscape is correctly displayed in the Editor. Then, in the Editor, I select the Landscape "Terrain Global" tab, scroll to the Mask section, and select the "forest" tag. All forest are correctly highlighted in the Editor (image 0.png). But as soon as I slightly move (the camera, or any slider, or anything), all the terrain flashes and is highlighted (image 1.png). Did I miss something? Thanks.
  20. On Unigine 2.3.1, I've edited data\samples\objects\terrain_00.cpp as attached. First using setLayerEnabled(i, false) to remove all the layers, then setAlbedoTextureName("") to remove the albedo texture, then creating an in-memory Image and applying it with setAlbedoTextureImage(). Unfortunately when I run the sample, the setAlbedoTextureImage() call does nothing. However, if I uncomment the second call to setAlbedoTextureName() which feeds it a nonsense value, the subsequent setAlbedoTextureImage() call suddenly works. So my question is whether (and why) setting the Name to "" should prevent setting the Image? (This might seem contrived, but in our real application we never load an on-disk texture so it acts as if the Name is "" from the outset. The workaround gives us the result we want, but obviously we're getting an error message from it so don't have faith that it's the right way to go.) terrain_00.cpp
  21. Hi, Unitine We use landscape tool to generate an ObjectGlobalTerrain with images in Beijing 54 Coordinate System(Beijing 1954 3 Degree GK CM 108E), as shown in the following figure. Then we export an model generated with CityEngine inside Unigine. We export the model with EPSG projection:2433 /Beijing 1954. But the model doesn't match the right position in the terrain, as Show in the following figure. We wonder know is there any solution for this problem, because we are developing a software for people to find the longitude and latitude of models. Thanks!
  22. Terrain tool question

    Hello! Just a quick question. After you run a hightmap through the terrain tool what do you do with the .ter file generated? I cannot seem to figure out how to import it. I am using Unigine SIM 2.1 evaluation version. Thank you for your time, ~Cody EDIT:: So far the only thing that sort of works is generating a new terrain, and then replacing the chunks with the .ter files generated from the hightmap. But when I do it like that, the displacement is nonexistent (pictures below).
  23. Matching up edges of Terrain Tiles

    I'm wondering if someone has solved this already. I have a railroad that crosses over MANY tiles of terrain, and I'm having to adjust the terrain heights on each tile to line up with the terrain. Easy enough with the tools, but I'll no doubt soon experience mismatching values on the terrain edges once I get to them. Is there a script or something someone may have written to solve this or do I need to engineer this myself? Or is there something I need to do as a post process. I'm on the 7.7.14 SDK.
  24. I'm in the process of migrating our Unigine 1 world and assets to Unigine 2, but I've run into a snag. I've made a lot of adjustments to the terrain from within Unigine, so I need to export the height map for import into Unigine 2. The problem is that it immediately crashes when I click the height map export button. Is there a workaround for this, or a way to import my Unigine 1 terrain into Unigine 2?
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