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Found 3 results

  1. Lately I've been trying to workout a problem with tangent space normal maps in Unigine. Basically, there's no real standardization for tangent space coordinate systems, and each engine presents it's own set of variables that can be drastically different from the next. Thus, baking normal maps becomes a problem, since in some basic cases it becomes very obvious that there's a mismatch. There's a piece of software called Handplane 3D that attempts to bridge that gap by reading in object space normal maps and the mesh, and spitting out tangent space maps that are calibrated to various engines.
  2. [SOLVED] Mesh Export Normal BUG?

    Hi! Unigine!! I found bug. See Attach File. I Export Mesh. First Local Position 0, 0, 0. Second Local Postion more than 10000 Value... Result is Picture... Max Export is Same Result... If Local Position 0,0,0, then output is good!!! But Local Position Over Than 10000, then output is bad...
  3. [SOLVED] Normals and lighting

    Hi, I have a model which is a flat surface (two triangles) with a simple grey diffuse texture. I clone the model four times and place them connected to each other. Everything looks perfect with any light condition, thank you guys. Then I turn one of the tile to 180 degrees. Because I did not change an angle of normals and my texture is a solid grey color, I would expect to see the same color for all tiles but this is what I've got Why does the surface change its color? Any idea? Steps to reproduce: 1. replace "data\library\worlds\materials\probes.cpp" by