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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, what would be the proper way to export custom components used in a project to another project ? So far, I've been moving the C++ source and header files of my custom components from the source folder of my Unigine project to the source folder of another one. I then recompile the moved components in the new project. Is there a quicker and more efficient way ?
  2. Hi, sometimes when bounding boxes of particle systems, which are near to each other, change their size due to emitting new particles, the render order changes between them which results in popping of particles to front which were in the background before. The order changes back when the bounding box gets smaller again. Also when moving arround a popping occurs. Is there any mechanism which sorts the particles between two or more particle systems, to prevent this effect? From what I see only particles in the same particle system get sorted and render order between particle systems is calculated by the bounding volume distance to the viewer. Regards, Sebastian Vesenmayer
  3. Particles enable disable by API

    Hi, I try to turn on and off a object particles which I loaded by Unigine::World::get()->loadNode, but nothing happens. The code below will be visited in debug. But particles are still spawning. Unigine::Vector<Unigine::NodePtr> hierarchy; myloadednode->getHierarchy(hierarchy); for (auto & node : hierarchy) { if (node->getType() == Unigine::Node::OBJECT_PARTICLES) { Unigine::ObjectParticlesPtr particle = Unigine::ObjectParticles::cast(node); particle->setNumberPerSpawn(0); particle->setEmitterEnabled(0); } } Did I forget something? Thanks, Sebastian
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