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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! I'm trying to do something very simple for learning purposes about clothes, following this link: https://developer.unigine.com/en/docs/2.2/principles/physics/bodies/cloth/ . Well, in this part I'm getting stuck: It's because I don't know how to make these surfaces appear inside a mesh, copy, create or whatever. I'm getting a similar result only by selecting 2 meshes and exporting to Unigine Mesh. The Result is a static mesh with 2 surfaces inside, resulting in a loss of animation of 2 meshes and this is not correct. Sorry about my english, and thank you in advance!
  2. Hello, I am just building a test with Unigine Syncker. Now I want to configure a CAVE environment. The documentation says that a mesh needs to specified, but did not show in which coordinate system it has to be configured. I got a configuration working where the positive Z-Axis of the Mesh shows to the left, the positive Y-Axis up and the positive X-Axis towards me, but I am not sure if this is right. I also run into the problem that the projection is not calculated correctly on the slave (see attachement). If I set the aspect ratio to 1:1 it works but not for 1920:1080. Here is the code example for the mesh: int slave_0=mesh.addSurface("slave_0"); //Z-Positive left , Y-Positive up, X-Positive towards mesh.addVertex(vec3(-1.f, -0.108f, 2 * +0.192f), slave_0); //bottom-left corner mesh.addVertex(vec3(-1.f, -0.108f, 0), slave_0); //bottom-right corner mesh.addVertex(vec3(-1.f, +0.108f, 2 * +0.192f), slave_0); //top-left corner mesh.addIndex(0, slave_0); mesh.addIndex(1, slave_0); mesh.addIndex(2, slave_0); mesh.save("slaves.mesh"); May someone know what to do exactly?
  3. Обновление 2013-02-11. Проблема с новым плагином для 3ds Max 2011. Изменен формат имен поверхностей меша. Был изменен плагин к максу, но изменения не указаны в анонсе, что для нас вылилось в неприятный сюрприз. Изменен формат экспорта мешей, а именно, алгоритм генерации имен поверхностей меша. Теперь в имя поверхности добавляется имя мульти-материала: было "имя меша" + "_" + "имя дочернего материала в мульти-материале" стало "имя меша" + "_" + "имя мульти-материала" + "_" + "имя дочернего материала в мульти-материале" У нас возникла проблема с экспортом новым плагином, так как в нашем проекте имена поверхностей строго стандартизированы. Необходим инструмент для изменения имен поверхностей экспортированного меша. In english: Update 2013-02-11. Problem with new 3ds max 2011 plugin. Changed the format of the names surface mesh. The Max plugin was changed, but the changes are not listed in the announcement, that turned into a nasty surprise for our team. The format of the export of meshes, namely, the generation algorithm names surface mesh. Now in the name of the surface is added multi-material name: before - "name of the mesh" + "_" + "name of the child material in multi-material" now - "name of the mesh" + "_" + "name of the multi-material" + "_" + "name of the child material in multi-material" We had a problem with the export with new plug-in, since in our project a name of surfaces are strictly standardized. We need tool for changes name of surfaces in the exported mesh.
  4. Hi, Is there a way to change surface begin/end in ObjectMeshDynamic? Currently, I can only read begin/end of surfaces using getSurfaceBegin/getSurfaceEnd functions.
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