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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, it seems to me that the material API and the material file offers only support for Textures and Uniform/Constant buffers as shader resources. It would be great if support for Structured Buffers could be added, i.e. for the material file the following xml tag: <structuredBuffer unit="43" name="myBufferData"/> and for the Material API the following methods: void setStructuredBuffer( int num, const Ptr<StructureBuffer> & structBuffer); Ptr<StructureBuffer> getStructuredBuffer( int num ); Many thanks, Helmut
  2. Hello, I would like to write the vertices from a ObjectMeshSkinned into a StructuredBuffer (with bone transforms and blend shapes applied) for further processing. I need to do that per frame and I found that doing that on the CPU with getSkinnedVertex() and getSkinnedTangent() is too slow unfortunately. The best place to do that seems to me to 'intercept 'the skinned vertices in a VertexShader, which writes them to a structured buffer through an unordered access view. I have tried to utilise the Object::render() method for that purpose, but it seems this method doesn't trig