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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Please confirm if I can initialize Stream/Blob object in thats way: char RecvBuf[1024]; recvfrom(RecvSocket, RecvBuf, 1024, 0, (SOCKADDR *)& SenderAddr, &SenderAddrSize); Unigine::BlobPtr temp_blob = Unigine::Blob::create(); temp_blob->resize(1024); temp_blob->puts(RecvBuf); Do I can pass native data from recvfrom winsock function in that's way ? ps. At the moment I can't get this data as socket->readStream(temp_blob->getStream(), 1024); because I can't get client port (UDP which sends data by sendto method) from Unigine socket. So I looking for wo
  2. Hi, It is possible to send data to specified client by Socket class (via UDP: SOCKET_DGRAM)? I have server and connected to it 5 clients and I want to send just one message for specified client for e.g. numbered 3. Do I can do it with Socket class or I should write my own implementation ? Thank's in advance, Jan