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  1. About a SSLSocket pluging

    Hello Unigine ... I have 3 problems using SSLSocket Using Unigine script creating a client it don't pass the Handshake with a RSS Feed server The plugin sample ssl_socket_01.cpp, is using tls 1.0 or 1.1 that are deprecable, I try to load my own private key and don't load. How I can use this plugin from C++ if I don't found the interface?. Expanding the questions.... Problem 1 I trying to create a single client and down some RSS feed sample. This client connect but fail on the handshacke. int init() { #ifdef HAS_SSL_SOCKET log.message("ssl socket\n"); socket = new SSLSocket(); // https://www.feedforall.com/sample.xml socket.open("www.feedforall.com", 443); if (socket.connect()) { log.message("Is Connected\n"); if(socket.getHandshake()) { log.message("Handshake OK\n"); stream = socket.getStream(); if (stream!=NULL) { log.message("Stream is OK\n"); // socket.block(); stream.printf("GET /sample.xml HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: www.feedforall.com\r\nUser-Agent: Unigine\r\n\r\n"); if (stream.isAvailable()) { log.message("isAvailable OK\n"); } else { log.message("isAvailable not data\n"); } log.message(stream.gets()); } else { log.message("Stream is NULL"); } } else { log.message("Handshake FALSE\n"); } } else { log.message("Not is Is Connected\n"); } #else log.message("SSLSocket plugin is not loaded"); #endif return 1; } Problem 2 For Other place I test your server application and this work. But I used your Private key and certificate. The browser says that is using TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1 that are deprecable. Then I try to use my own web site private key and certificate. This load the certificate correctly but the Private key fail loading that. void create() { socket = new SSLSocket(); socket.open(4433); socket.bind(); socket.listen(10); socket.nonblock(); socket.load(SSL_SOCKET_RSA_KEY,fullPath("ssl/lynza/private_key.pem")); // Fail load this, this load fine with OpenSSL socket.load(SSL_SOCKET_X509_CERT,fullPath("ssl/lynza/certificate.pem")); // certificate load fine. //socket.load(SSL_SOCKET_RSA_KEY,fullPath("ssl/private_key.pem")); //socket.load(SSL_SOCKET_X509_CERT,fullPath("ssl/certificate.pem")); } Unigine~# config_readonly 1 && world_load "SSLServerTest" Script loading "core/unigine.usc" 9ms Loading "core/locale/unigine.locale" dictionary 1ms Script loading "SSLServerTest.cpp" 9ms World loading "SSLServerTest.world" 102ms SSLSocket::load(): can't load certificate from "ssl/lynza/private_key.pem" file -269 ----Load cache textures---- Cache textures loaded 94 (62ms) Problem 3 /Roberto
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