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Found 10 results

  1. Some one Try to work with spline? You have any ideas because one T join is correct and the other no?, I try to change the variant but is correct n2, in the wrong part, not connect, Why?
  2. SplineGraph in C#

    Hey there I have a problem. I want to create a spline via C# so I thought it is a good idea to transfer the sample Spline (C++) into C# but my Spline wont render and I have no idea why because it should show a spline (with the Visualizer). Because when I assign the Script to a NodeDummy or so nothing happens does someone have an idea why? Code: using System; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using Unigine; [Component(PropertyGuid = "295cde640e861673976ae9364c0e4f1d868385d8")] public class TestSpline : Component { SplineGraph spline; private void Init() {
  3. Hi, I just observed that SplinePoint class is not available in UnigineScript for 2.7.3 SDK. I didn't check SplineSegment class so please check it too. Variable::setExternClassObject(): can't find class SplinePoint * __ptr64 extern class Disassemble: 0x0000049e: callecfr WorldSplineGraph.createSplinePoint or maybe should I add an additional include ? Cheers, Jan
  4. Hi, I have face an issue with vertex balloon and WorldSplineGraph objects and I need some help. I am generating an SplineGraph with the points where a ship is traveling in order to display the path that has been following for some time. The spline generation part is solved and generates my geometry fine. The problem comes when camera is positioned in high height positions and I need to scale spline geometry to keep this path visible in screen. For this scale I am using geometry inflation but it is failing when my ship is turning (more fail the more inflation is applied). Is there somethin
  5. Hello, When creating a Spline Object over a landscape as Decal, the material associated with it is created as read-only AND connot be inherited from. This prevents us from changing the Material Mask ID, which is created with the default value of 0xFFFFFFFF. This means the decal will appear on all objects, and not only over the terrain. Suggestions: - make this material inheritable from - add a "Material Mask" entry for Spline Decal in the Landscape editor (this would also be a good idea for all created materials)
  6. I've been struggling to get the scale correct when importing a world transform path. I want to create a path for a character to animate around a race track and it needs to be 100% precise of course. Here's how I'm doing it at the moment. 1 I create a spline path in Max using the same race track .fbx geometry that I use for my environment in Unigine as a guide 2 I animate a box along the spline 3 I export the box via Unigine Path Export (*.PATH) scale: 1.0, from frame 0 to frame 100 4 in Unigine I create world transform path (import .path file) The scale of the imported path is
  7. I have a PlayerPersecutor camera linked to animating geometry traveling along a spline. When viewing the animation through the Editor camera the animation runs as smooth as a baby's bum but when viewing through the PlayerPersicutor camera there's terrible jittering going on. Any ideas what the problem could be?
  8. I created an animation with a dummy and a spline in Max 2015 , then I exported with Unigine Export Path . Once placed in the scene makes no animation . If I do the same process in Max2013 and exported as .spline , works perfectly in earlier versions of Unigine . What is the correct process of creation to include a World transform Path in my scene?
  9. This may be off-topic, but is there a method to calculate the coordinates on a spline for a given distance down that spline? I am thinking of describing the movement of a series of objects as splines but I can't seem to figure out a method of getting the coordinates to move the objects to when all I know is the spline and the distance down the spline.
  10. Hello Dear all: Is .spline file a binary file format? Are there any tools to open and edit .spline files? If there is a collection of trajectory data points(such as (x,y,z)),how can we managed to generate a .spline file from these data pointsother then in 3ds max tools? How to export spline and camera path file from 3ds Max,are there any detailed or hand by hand teaching materials for reference?