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Found 3 results

  1. Multi channel screen space effects and lighting

    Hi, we are planning to distribute our simulation to multiple computers, which screens are aligned so we can produce a panorma view of the scene with Unigine. Which post and screen space effects are we able to use? What values do we have to choose for static exposure to make the scene look more realistic? Is it better to change light source properties or exposure? We saw that exposure has a great impact on materials like clouds and the atmosphere. Are we able to use filmic camera effects? Do they look the same on different rendered parts of the scene? What rendering settings do you use for CIGI or Syncker applications? Thanks, Sebastian
  2. [SOLVED] Node 3D to NDC coordinates

    Hi, I need the 2D screen Position of a 3D Node transformation. Can you write me a short code example with unigine matrices form the Player and Node and perspective division to get the NDC coordinates? auto proj = m_player->getProjection(); auto view = m_player->getTransform(); auto obj = instance->second->getNode()->getTransform(); auto projectedPosition = Unigine::Math::Mat4(proj)*view*obj*Unigine::Math::Vec4(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0); projectedPosition /= glm::abs(projectedPosition.w); x = (projectedPosition.x+1.0f)*0.5f * m_ungineAppHandle->getWidth(); y = (1.f-(projectedPosition.z+1.0f)*0.5f) * m_ungineAppHandle->getHeight(); Thank you in advance, Sebastian
  3. [SOLVED] Space to other elements

    Hello all, i'm working on a settingsscreen but have some "problems", my problem: I got a label, under this i got a WidgetSlider, but now i want to have a space between my label and my WidgetSlider, but as i looked between the functions i just found "SpaceY", the problem is here, that i space to the _TOP_ and the _BOT_ but i just want to space to the _BOT_ because else I detroy my layout. Are there any points to do? PS: I don't want to use the "setScreen X Y" Methode, because i want to do it as easy as possible... Hope you can help me, maybe it could be a new feature too =) Best regards lars
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