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Found 7 results

  1. [SOLVED] Can't play .wav files

    I'm trying to play sound for event in the code. SoundSourcePtr s = SoundSource::create("static_impact_00.wav"); if (!s->isPlaying()) { s->play(); } But get following errors: SoundFileWav::load(): can't open "static_impact_00.wav" file ALSampleStatic::ALSampleStatic(): can't load "static_impact_00.wav" file But this .wav file was played in the Editor. Also sounds were toggled on in .world file.
  2. Sound and VR

    Hello. I found some problems with sound sorcres in VR-scenes. If head position is far away from centre of VR-room (PlayerDummy in Unigine code), engine will calculate max distance and occlusion from centre of VR-room. In samples "Superposition" and "VR template" editor or engine use sound sources without occlusion and with huge max distance. This is a resourceful decision, but we don't really want to use it. For example, we have sound sorcre near the door on the wall (picture is in attach). We can teleport to another side of the wall and we must hear dull sound. If we turn off parametr "occlusion", sound will not be dull. But if we turn on this option, walk without teleport and centr of room is in the wall, for example, sound always will be dull. Is any solution to this problem? It will be exsellent, if "ear" will be tied to head, not to player/centr of VR-room. We use Unigine 2.7.2 and HTC vive.
  3. Hi guys, I am messing around sound from last few days. If I am not wrong I read somewhere in manual that unigine does support ".wav", ".oga" and ".ogg". I am trying to play ".ogg" sound files but it's not working at all. looks like it's playing or doing something in background but I can't hear any sound, while ".oga" samples are working fine. If ".ogg" is not supported or not working, would you recommend converter which convert known sound formats ( .mp3, .ogg, .wav, etc ) to .oga format which works fine with editor. BTW, I could not attach any .ogg file here bcoz I got message "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" ? :) Thanks, rakeshj.
  4. Hi, I have been looking at current Audio API and the effects that can be reached with SoundSource and SoundReverb are great but I am missing some features for audio. Such as: Custom Left/Right panning independant of the 3D world position of the source Real-time equalization Effects such as Flanger, Tone modulation, Tempo modulation, Noise, high/low pass filters... It would be great if these features can be included to SoundSource class or maybe to an audio mixer where we can attach the sources. Regards, Javier
  5. Hi, When using a SoundSource, the sound completely cuts out of one side when the emitter is ether off to the left or the right. Is there a way to change this behavior so there is always a bit of sound coming from both sides? Is there anyway to do this without using the SoundReverb class? I do not want any reverberation in an open field. Thanks, Sam
  6. Hi guys, Looks like I am the worst user of "UNiGiNE" game engine. I stuck on one another problem. I want to restart (Replay) the sound. E.g. Sound file is 20.0 Seconds long and I call Replay function after 3 Seconds which should restart sound from the first frame again. This is my script function: void RePlay(SoundSource sound){sound.stop();sound.setTime(0.0f);sound.play();} But this function is not giving me expected result. I am damn sure that this function was working ( at-least was giving me expected result ) before last update. This is the node file parameters : sound/Samples/Units/Engineer/engineer_shot_001.oga 0 0.0 5 50 180 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 Regards, rakeshj.
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