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Found 6 results

  1. Get client host and port from socket

    Hi, Is possible to get client port from received UDP message from server Unigine socket ? Currently getPort from Unigine Socket function return server side port which was initialised at server side by open (Stream) function. But I need to get client port, from client which actually send message. As workaround I use native winsock recvfrom function to get client port at server socket. But it would be more apprieciate to get this data from Unigine API. Cheers, Jan
  2. Hi, It is possible to send data to specified client by Socket class (via UDP: SOCKET_DGRAM)? I have server and connected to it 5 clients and I want to send just one message for specified client for e.g. numbered 3. Do I can do it with Socket class or I should write my own implementation ? Thank's in advance, Jan
  3. [SOLVED] UnigineSocket header is missing

    Hi there could it be, that the UnigineSocket.h file is missing in the 2.2.1 release? I can't find it anywhere in the release and due to the documentation it should be there. Kind regards, Renato
  4. Hi, I use the webserver class found in portangeles demo, but in beta2 there is disconnection when the web page at client side receiving data from unigineScript. Also, i updated buffer to blob class, Is there other migration to be done? when i received data, the server close the connection (op_code ==8) // close connection if(op_code == 8) { //log.error("close connection op_code == 8\n"); socket.close(); return ""; } thanks. server.h
  5. socket read

    Socket client; int init() { PlayerSpectator camera = new PlayerSpectator(); camera.setPosition(Vec3(2.0f,0.0f,1.5f)); camera.setDirection(Vec3(-1.0f,0.0f,-0.5f));; client= new Socket(SOCKET_STREAM); int"",6000); log.message(" server open------------%d \n",c); // success c=client.connect(); string red=client.readLine(); log.message("===================== server: %s \n",red); thread("ddfor",client); return 1; } void ddfor(Socket cc) { while(1){ // connect is 0 and open is 1 log.message("isc
  6. [SOLVED] Socket Read timeout

    Hi, I´m developing one application that connects to a nodejs server using socket class. The send part works perfectly but the read part has a problem... I´m trying to read the stream every second, but when the stream is empty (the server has nothing to send me) , the read operation takes 5 seconds... (read timeout?) Is there any way to know if the stream has data? (In Qt sockets you have a signal that indicates data ready to read) Thanks, David