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Found 5 results

  1. What is max terrain I can create in free version of unigine. Can I make the entire solar system in one go.Or split it up into levels and load it in one planet at a time if possible.
  2. meshcutter

    through landscapre tools,i created the tree. landscape size is 10kmx10km, one obecjtmeshclurrer size is 7890m x 7890m ti is too big .
  3. Auxiliary Buffer size

    Hi, is it possible to resize the auxiliary buffer, it has a much more smaller resolution as the actual scene when I use it (about 8x)? I want to do a very high detailed outlining but it looks very blocky. I am using your sobel filter for edge detection. In the Attachement is a FULLHD resolution image from current state. Thanks, Sebastian
  4. Hi, is it possible to set window size through code? This forum thread indicates that we should use App::setVideoMode https://developer.unigine.com/forum/topic/3550-how-to-manipulate-app-window-size/?hl=window+size#entry18743 But that causes a crash, as indicated by this thread: https://developer.unigine.com/forum/topic/2181-solved-set-video-mode-fatal-error/?hl=setVideoMode#entry11925 The second thread indicates we should do this through the console. However, I've used video_height, video_width, and video_mode console commands, and none of them do anything. In the attached screen capture, you can see me trying out different modes, and yet the screen is still 1600x900. Help, please?
  5. Understanding Terrain Step

    I'm trying to understand the meaning of terrain step. Evidently I'm missing the core concept. I'm considering the units system to be meters for my purposes. If I have terrain source data that's 4096px x 4096px and 1px = 0.854m (real world meters) Does that therefore mean that my 'step' is 0.854? If not, what then is 'step' exactly? The documentation says: Step The size of a grid cell in units. Step controls how big the created terrain will be. If I create a terrain using in this context, my terrain appears relatively smaller than where the rest of my objects should be.
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