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Found 9 results

  1. Turning off shadow receiving

    Hi, is it possible to turn off shadow receiving for some objects? Thanks, Sebastian
  2. Transparent shadows quality is too low

    Hello, The shadow map used for alpha-blend materials with "transparent shadow" enabled appears *as if* it is much lower resolution than the one used for opaque meshes (I know it's not the case, but it looks like that): Worse, if I change the "Shadow/Softness" of the LightWorld from the default value of 1, the shadow does not look right at all: softness = 0 ->; softness = 2 -> Similarly, increasing the Shadow/Sharpness from the default 0 to 1 simply makes it disappear. In my test scene, the alpha is 0.30 and the shadow resolution is 1024. I am trying
  3. Shadows on Water and Objects

    The Sunshadows behave in a weird way, when hitting the water surface. Where does this behavior come from? Thx. Werner
  4. I am receiving a shadowing error with a flag object. When zooming towards the objects the shadow flickers. (video link below) Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?
  5. Hello, i could'nt find all of the shadow parameters be available as an animateable parameter in the track editor. Bias, Slope, Softness I can't find. Can I access them somehow? Cheers Werner
  6. [SOLVED] Full-bright reflection issue

    Hi All ! We've just noticed a strange behavior using the 'mesh_reflection_cube_base' material: the reflected parts are always full-bright and are not affected by the light. Well to be precise, the reflected parts are sensitive to the specular but they are not darkened when no light hit the surface. Here is a screenshot showing the issue: As you can see, there is one face of the building receiving some light (on the right) and the other one receiving no light (on the left) and therefore should be completely dark. In order to have reflection activated only on windows, we are
  7. [SOLVED] Small number of lighting samples

    The lighting in my scene isn't right. There are squares all over the shadows in my render. How do i change that?
  8. Hi, I don't know if it's a bug or my mistake, I've tried to reproduce it with a simple scene without success (keep trying...) Proble is when my app uses ung resource files, the shadow for some meshes looks as you can see on right part of the image. This doesn't happens with source resource files (left part of the image) In addition, if I set shaders quality to "medium" the visual defect disappears. The ung file is generated using: ung_x86 -p mypass -o S80.ung -d S80 Any idea? log.html
  9. Bad shadows issue

    Hello, I have this issue in my project where the shadows seem to be grotty and all liney (for lack of a better word! See pic), and objects seem to self shade themselves incorrectly. This has not been the first time this has happened either, as I first noticed it a while back when one of my sample projects decided to change itself to use shadows like these. I'm guessing I must have unknowingly changed something and this got written to the config file which then spread the problem to other projects. Problem is I never knew how to revert it, but upon reinstalling unigine it fixes itself in th