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Found 3 results

  1. Hi the Unigine Community, Amazing app, I am pretty amazed of all the possibilities you offer ! I tried to look for a similar subject on this forum but couldn't find anything related I have this game in mind for ages about a medieval time and when I saw your video of "Heaven Benchmark" I found it was so close that I wander if it is possible to start from this architecture... and change things from the already made off scenary ? Youtube - Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 (originally released in 2009) Thanks for creating the world of tomorrow, Hibonaparte from France
  2. I've noticed the following point in the linux documentation https://developer.unigine.com/en/docs/2.10/code/environment/linux?rlang=cpp but there is not "lib" sub-folder in the SDK folders
  3. Hello, I'm having troubles with setting the camera "roll" rotation (like a spinning airplane), or (it's equivalent) setting arbitrary camera Up direction. Are there any examples on it? The problem is, I made a camera flying round the Earth, and I set direction of radius-vector as Up direction using PlayerSpectator.setUp(). Camera is moved by (camera)Node.setPosition(). At certain positions (e.g. 1000;0;1000), I get camera suddenly "reversing" backwards, and if I keep pressing "forward" it reverses again, and again, so moving like stairsteps (shifting slowly up or down). As I found, there appears some exchange of x<->z coordinates of camera. I tried to catch the change, and it seems to happen outside my code. When I remove setUp(), the "reversing" vanishes. I also tried to use PlayerSpectator.setModelview() (seems to have no effect), and (camera)Node.setRotation() (only sets direction and fails to roll the camera).
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