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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, i am trying to change the way the laser pointer in the VR template works. By default, when the laser ray hits an interactive object (grab), a text with the object´s name will be set visible. I would like to change it, so that when above is true AND, in addition, a button on the controller is pressed (oculus rift), a material on the obejct will be changed, lets say with every pressing of the button the user is switching to another material of an array of few defined materials. As far as I understand, it should be coded here (see attachment) but i dont really know how t
  2. when the list of items is large, you can: 1) select a group of items 2) clicking the "checkbox" of any selected item and all selected items will have the same value. It is a must for all lists(list of objects, list of filters,.......).
  3. Hi , I'm a fresh Unigine learner. I have a question about operate the model in the scene. The total function I wanna realize is that : a. I can import a model(.obj) though the C++ call Unigine API(I've realized this function). b. I can pick one of the models in scene. c. I can move the model I picked in the scene. d. I can rotate the model I picked in the scene. e. I can zoom out and zoom in the model i picked in the scene. please tell me which class can help me to realize those function, Or can you give me some samples? Thanks. Ivy.
  4. So, I have a tool that I'm building to create roads both geometrically and using a project decal; the DecalDeferredMesh. The issue is that once I turn a mesh into a DecalDeferredMesh and project it onto the terrain I can no longer select it using the mouse as I can my other ObjectMeshDynamic geometry. Can anybody give me a suggestion on what I can use to use the mouse to select a DecalDeferredMesh? Thanks, Josh