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Found 6 results

  1. Ubuntu 18.04 STL 1. Вставляю ком. строку из туториала для докчки необходимых библиотек: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-3.16.0-4-all gcc g++ make ccache libgl1-mesa-dev libxrandr-dev libxinerama-dev libopenal1 libxrender-dev libxext-dev libc6-dev libx11-dev Он ругается и пишет: Думаю, окей запущу .run файл. 2. Регаюсь, скачиваю, нажимаю на файл, открывается в текстовом редакторе. 3. Установилось??? Говорит ошибка, если редактировать в любом случае(UTF 8), то все символы коверкаются на инопланетные символы. Если нажать "повторить", то он зависает: Ну а если нажать на "Подождать", то все так же виснет... > завершил принудительно 4. Открываю снова. Теперь грузится быстрее. Ставлю UTF 16 - ошибка, неправильная последовательность байт. Ставлю ISO - завис... Ну и что мне делать-то? КАК поставить sdk браузер на Ubuntu 18.04 STl ? Я очень хочу начать работать на этом движке! T_T
  2. Can't open the SDK browser any more.

    I've attempted to reopen the Unigine SDK Browser, however I'm greeted with the error: Can't open "browser_x64.xml" config. Can someone tell me how to debug this? In case it helps, I'm developing on a non-administrator account, and I installed the SDK Browser on a secondary hard drive.
  3. [SOLVED] Installation Problem

    What should I with this error? I am confused. "The file you opened has some invalid characters. If you continue editing this file you could corrupt this document. You can also choose another character encoding and try again."
  4. Hi, I observed that debug mode for Edit Content in SDK browser not working: always starts project via main_x64.exe file (not main_x64d.exe). But it loads Editor2_x64d.dll debug version of plugin.
  5. Hi, I Observed that Run in SDK Browser 1.8.2 starts PROJECT_NAME.exe file but Edit Content starts main.exe (here you should add x86, x64 and d for provided names). I assume that this should point for the same file as start point.
  6. Hello, I am currently in charge of a team evaluating Unigine 2.2.1-2 SIM. I am having issues with starting up projects inside of the SDK browser. I can however go to the project folder and start it via the batch file provided (as long as the SDK browser is open for licensing verification). Any clue why this might be happening? I am also having an issue where the Editor Game Framework is not acting correctly. I create a game, save. I then create a level, and save. I then create an entity and save. Everything seems to be acting correctly then out of the blue I will start up Unigine and when I try to open the game file, the Game Framework window is empty. I can still go and check the %name.game file and see all of the files tied to it.. I have tried re-installing the SDK browser, and can confirm this is happening on multiple projects. I am unsure however if this might be due to the previously mentioned issue. I must be missing something. Thank you for your help. OS just incase insider builds don't work correctly with the browser. Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview build 14366.rs1_release.160610-1700
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