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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, we are using Unigine 2.13 and I noticed a problem with the planar reflections in combination with 3D clouds. I have an implementation of ObjectExtern that is transparent and is rendered in the Ambient pass. It also has a horizontal planar reflection plane. The planar reflections look fine when the Downsampling Rendering option for the Unigine clouds is set to full. However, for other values of Downsampling Rendering the planar reflections appear incorrect. I created a world that only contains a horizontal plane and the sky and 3D clouds. I used RenderDoc to extract the screen spa
  2. Stencil Buffer usage while rendering to texture.

    Hello, is it possible to do a stencil test while rendering to a 2d texture. This is my example code: camera->setModelview(Unigine::Math::inverse(m_player->getWorldTransform())); // saving current render state and clearing it Unigine::RenderState::saveState(); Unigine::RenderState::clearStates(); Unigine::RenderState::clearBuffer(Unigine::RenderState::BUFFER_STENCIL, Unigine::Math::vec4(), 0.f, 1); Unigine::RenderState::setStencilFunc(Unigine::RenderState::STENCIL_EQUAL, Unigine::RenderState::STENCIL_KEEP, 2); Unigine::RenderState::flushStates(); // rendering an i
  3. Hi everyone, How to Access White Color in Settings Window? I searched , you can help me Thank you
  4. Very wide projections

    Hello. Is there some way to produce high-aspect picture (reso like 20000x800) without distortion on one screen? So, i need something like render_panorama but cameras should stand in a row, look the same world direction and don't have distortions on the seams. It's for a video CG production, not sim/game, so performance doesnt matter at all. Thanx.
  5. About the antialiasing

    Hi , The sawtooth is still very serious even if the anti-aliasing use the TAA mode. This is very serious problem for the rendering,we want to eliminate the sawtooth. Do you have some way to eliminate the sawtooth or decrease it? Best Regards,
  6. Hi, I managed it to migrate from 2.7.1 to It works so far when we are not using decals for most of our scene, but we recognized a significant change in the shading. We did no changes to our Material initialization and textures, but the image is brigther and more saturated. Why is this happening? Files attached. Thanks
  7. Hello, I made one camera motion using trakcer in scene and i wanted to take render sequences for video of scene within camera motion. I used video grabber but didn't get good quality sequences. waiting for your suggestions, ideas, methods to take render quality sequences.... i hope to hear from you soon....... Mayur patel
  8. Vr View

    Hi All, Is there a way to change the Window onscreen while the Vive is being used in the engine? Currently, it renders both eyes onscreen, however I would like to have just one eye be rendered onscreen. Thanks, Off Planet Simulation
  9. Hi, I am trying to use a WidgetSpriteViewport, but I am finding the results to be very abnormal. WidgetSpriteViewport's camera are using main camera's Modelview and .Projection function . But I have found it's different effect that in different position and functions ,as show blow: First, put it in front of the .update() function ,the result is object is shaking .Please see the file name is First . Second ,put it in end of the .update() function ,the result is object is shaking a little bit and it seems like lost material .Please see the file name is second . As menti
  10. I just started out with Unigine yesterday so I might be missing something, but I seem to be getting 100% glossy screenspace reflections on Linux. I set up all materials to write to the auxiliary buffer and added the vanilla screenspace reflections post effect shader to the Render stage. I'm using an AMD FX-8320 and an Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 with Unigine 2.0.1, kernel 3.19.0, glibc 2.21, proprietary driver 355.11 on an Ubuntu-based distribution. Can anyone reproduce? I'm going to pop on over to Windows and see if the same thing happens there.
  11. [SOLVED] Dynamically switching stereo

    Hi, I am trying to use stereo 3D in my Unigine powered visualizer, but I can't figure how to enable it at runtime. Is it a way to switch between stereo/non-stereo rendering, or is it absolutely required to restart the whole engine ? Thanks
  12. Rendering on Amazon EC2?

    Has anyone tried using the Linux version of Unigine on Amazon's Elastic Compute? It seems to me that it would work fine, but you never know.
  13. [SOLVED] Rendering to texture

    Hi, Im new to unigine and im bit stuck with rendering to texture. Any help would be aprecieted. What im trying to do is to create is to create the same texture buffers as in RenderDeferred deferred; (not exactly but for debugging purpose ive tried to do exactly that). In method void RenderRenderer::render_world(const char *materials,int shadows) ive commented everything and left only : RenderDeferred deferred; create_deferred(&deferred); // render deferred texture if(render_skip_deferred == 0) { // saveState(); state->clearTextures(); deferred.texturerender->enable(TextureR