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Found 4 results

  1. [SOLVED] Reflection maps

    Hi everyone, I have been looking to optimize my water reflections, I have seen this thread and done the suggested steps. I now want to add another LOD to my trees which is VERY low poly and only visible in the water's reflection, Not the viewport, to stop using high poly trees in reflections at all. I know I will need to use the reflection mapping to do this but I'm having problems. I can get it to not reflect, but I cannot g
  2. Hi, Latest SDK Direct3D11 renderer Execute BodyWater demo Rotate de camera Looks like there is an strange reflection as the attached image shows. Best regards, Iván.
  3. [SOLVED] Full-bright reflection issue

    Hi All ! We've just noticed a strange behavior using the 'mesh_reflection_cube_base' material: the reflected parts are always full-bright and are not affected by the light. Well to be precise, the reflected parts are sensitive to the specular but they are not darkened when no light hit the surface. Here is a screenshot showing the issue: As you can see, there is one face of the building receiving some light (on the right) and the other one receiving no light (on the left) and therefore should be completely dark. In order to have reflection activated only on windows, we are
  4. Water optimization

    I have some suggestions for ObjectWater performance optimization. Actually, even highly-optimized Oil Rush game should greatly benefit of those changes cause users would appreciate FPS increase in naval scenes. 1. When water is not visible - hide it It sounds weird but that is a fact: water object in scene eats 10-15% FPS regardless of visibility and occlusion queries. Disabling dynamic reflection can be used instead of hiding whole object - it have the same performance impact. In our project we use simple 2d height map and some kind of checks for view frustum intersection with zero-leve