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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone! I try to make a unigine project with qt creator cause of qt's features that i need to use (e.g. webscokets and etr.). Now i choose "c++ qt based" in browser and get a project. But. Compile procecess gives me pleanty of errors and base on this fact i want to ask a couple of questions. 1. Is there a tutorial how to use qt creator with unigine? 2. Maybe unigine works only with special qt version like for example 5.4 or something else. I would glad to collet any information about this. Thank you! P.S. I use engineering kit on windows.
  2. Qt DirectX and Unigine

    Hi, we are using opengl at the moment for our project with a QOpenGLWidget which is working fine with the Qt composition of QWidget layers, which have transparency, on each other. We want to use directx because of some shader bugs ,which are not solved in opengl yet, and performance improvement. I also managed to get unigine working with directx but I can not overlay the used QWidget with any other QWidget based elements which have transparency. There is no blending in this case and the Unigine scene will not be visible. Do you already have a solution which works with the
  3. Random crashes

    Hi @demostenes, I've reproduced this. However, it wasn't that often as you mentioned, but quite stable. I also observed that you're running main_sdl.exe instead of regular main.exe. Is this on purpose? We'll investigate the reasons for the crash and will try to fix it in the next update. Thanks.
  4. Greetings! I'm building an application that's using the Qt project template. I'm referencing the ControlsJoystick, however upon initialization, I get the following console log: Loading "dinput8.dll" ControlsJoystick::updateEvents():SetCooperativeLevel(): failed At this point the joystick is non working. If I run a non-Qt based project, the joystick seems to be ok. Based on the docs, this has something to do with joystick control exclusivity mode ( the cooperative level flags ). How would you suggest I should approach the joystick initialization?
  5. [SOLVED] Qt integration with Unigine

    Hello everybody, we are planning a Project now with Qt Ui Elements on top of a Unigine Widget. We made a little research and found out that Qt is using a BackingStore to composite their UI Elements/Widgets (Labels, Buttons etc.). After calling winId() on a QWidget, the QWidget class creates a native HWND on Windows. When creating a OpenGL context with the HWND the rendered content is not blended correctly with the UI. Since Unigine uses the same technique with their AppQt example, we are wondering if you have any idea, how to do this. Or is there a s
  6. Hey guys, I have a little problem with editing content in unigine. I can't even start unigine content editor because of this error: couldnt not find or load platform Qt plugin 'windows' in **. Thans for any help
  7. Hi ! I've just tried the new feature of Qt 5.10 witch is webgl streaming the Qt app to a browser without touching the code (just pass "-platform webgl" flag to the executable). For this I've tried to compile the Unigine's App/Qml sample with Qt5.10 to test it but (as expected) doesn't work. I have no idea if the problem comes from Unigine, from the integration or from Qt itself but I think this feature can be very interesting to have. I post here the steps to reproduce the crash if it can help : - Removed qt folder and qt.conf - Copy to the App/Qml fo
  8. Qt/Qml integration

    Hi, we are trying to integrate Unigine with Qt/Qml. On windows using DX11 it work perfectly but on linux with opengl it doesn't work. We have an Unigine viewport and some Qml widget (Qt5QuickWidgets) created dynamically, when a qml widget is created both Unigine and Qt stop refreshing with the following error : OpenGL error: invalid operation Any help would be appreciated. You can reproduce it easily editing the source code of source/app/main_qt : (.zip with complete source code provided) : -------------------------------- QT += core gui widgets quickwidgets
  9. Roadmap for the UI

    I'm curious as to what the longterm roadmap looks like for the GUI system in Unigine. With the advent of some competitors (Unity) integrating a UI editor directly into the engine, it raises questions about the feasibility of doing the something similar with Unigine. Especially since dropping support for Qt but retaining the UI file format. Is this something that's been discussed internally?